Album Review: Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon: End Of The Day

NOTE: The review is a summarised evaluation of the album. I’m not giving the album a track by track analysis as it is meant to be reviewed as one. Please bear with me.

After hitting it hard earlier this year with his debut single to get international recognition, Kid Cudi is back to release his much anticipated debut album titled “Man On The Moon: End Of The Day”. He’s the latest hip-hop sensation to get widespread attention as the protégé of self-proclaimed “Hip-Hop Icon”, Kanye West. It’s known to our attention that Cudi made an impression on West’s 2008 album, “808’s and Heartbreaks” with thespian hip-hop tracks produced by the earlier. Cudi’s savvy formation of meaningful tracks makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Man on The Moon” sums up to his Mescudi’s abilities. The Cleveland born rapper never failed to impress critiques with his cathartic anthems infused with vivid representation of his words to his tunes. His construe of pragmatical segments of his life is unflaggingly depicted on most of the tracks in the album.

Who would want to be known as a protégé of a famous rap artist? I don’t think that’s what Kid Cudi’s aiming for. His combined effort, sweat and tears resulted in an unexpected debut. It’s quite impressive in myriads of aspects but lacks vivace in terms of likability. It’s meant to be heard by people who can appreciate a thespian view of hip-hop music.

The album is clearly a deviation from today’s explicitly produced HIP-HOP music. Instead, the album’s introspective view of hip-hop music is superficially conspicuous. It lacks the usual ambiguity on its lyrics. I say, Kid Cudi successfully made his impression into the industry with this outstandingly crafted LP. “Man On The Moon: End Of The Day” truly defies contemporary hip-hop music and absolutely introduces a new perception about the true meaning of Hip-Hop. GENIUS.

RATING: 9/10

RELEASED: September 15, 2009

STAND-OUT TRACKS: “Make Her Say”, “Solo Dolo”, “Alive”, “Sky Might Fall”, “Day ‘N’ Nite”


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One response to “Album Review: Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon: End Of The Day

  1. J.Mensah

    Woop! Great review! I previewed this on iTunes and your review definitely sums up how I'm feeling about this. I didn't like 808s & Heartbreaks that much, I mean it was alright–I like this much better and I haven't heard it in full yet.

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