Damien Leith – To Get To You (VIDEO)

Damien Leith, the Irish-Australian Idol is definitely back. His new single, “To Get To You“. The single is the lead single off from his second studio album titled “Remembering June” which is slated for an October 9th release in Australia. It’s been 2 years since the release of his ARIA-platinum selling debut album. I guess he finally realised that it’s time to be back in the music spotlight as former runner-up Jessica Mauboy has been enjoying the success of her debut album in Australia producing numerous amounts of chart-topping singles in the course of 2009.

Catch the single when it is released September 25, 2009 in Australia.



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4 responses to “Damien Leith – To Get To You (VIDEO)

  1. Anonymous

    What a huge surprise – it's about time this guy did something good. He has an amazing voice but I didn't like his last album. This is real music, now he's on to something. Hope the rest of the album is as good.

  2. Anonymous

    Love it Love it Love it!!!!

    Epic Oz rock!


  3. Smithy

    It's a different sound for Damien and it works. Remember June (not "ing", Ken)is a kick ass album and finally Damien has been given the opportunity to record the music HE wants. And Stuart Crichton has helped make it happen- genius producer.

    Love the single and can't wait til it's out.

  4. Ros

    psst Anonymous… You're in luck. The rest of REMEMBER JUNE is FANBLOODYTASTIC!!!

    Being a lucky previewer of the album we were rocking, singing along and even had some tears after… the power and emotion is that strong.
    Nothing he's done previously compares to this package (tho' I love them all).
    BTW Damien's single and tickets to his shows, starting OCTOBER, are out NOW.
    Thanks for posting this blog Ken!

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