Susan Boyle does a cover for a debut single.

Attached herein, is the epic failure of Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle’s first attempt on a music career. As Alexandra’s debut suggests, whether I like it or not, this surely will be a cause of pandemonium in the music world. The single is titled “Wild Horses” and is a cover of The Rolling Stones’ 1976 classic hit. Although Susan’s voice is good in it, I don’t think a cover might be an intelligent choice for a debut single. Simon, what happened here?

RATING: 2.5/5
LABEL: Syco Music

Unless you’re living under a rock or you are born in the middle of 2009, then here’s the original. Compare – NOT!


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One response to “Susan Boyle does a cover for a debut single.

  1. Paul

    2.5 is a bit generous in my opinion. A cover of Girls Aloud's Wild Horses would have been much better. But really, let's face it – SuBo (like Steve Brookstein of years gone by) is an albums act and not really designed for the singles charts. Either way, I have no real interest, though many many do :/

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