Madonna feat. Lil’ Wayne – Revolver

“Celebration” might be not as big as many of her songs have been FOR NOW but I’m sure, the Queen of Pop’s comeback is definitely going to be huge (as always). A new song leaked online which features contributing rap vocals from Lil’ Wayne. It’s titled “Revolver” and it’s a hot one. This track is very very infectious. And when I say, “Infectious” you’re gonna love it. Even if you’re a non-Madge fan which I am (I’ve followed her just recently), it still catches your taste for sheer pop music. The track is absolutely different from “Celebration” but it still feels very signature Madge. GREAT!!!!!

The track is included in the ultimate Greatest Hits collection of Madonna “Celebration”.
RATING: 4.5/5
RELEASED: September 29, 2009 (along side the “Celebration” album

image credit goes to faelwerneck19


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One response to “Madonna feat. Lil’ Wayne – Revolver

  1. Paul

    Ken! Were you absent from twitter this week. I missed you 🙂 Anyway, I really like this song. A lot. Think it's great. Just so much fun. Love the chorus. It does sound a bit Britney-esque but I think we've come to the stage in popculture where so many people have been inspired by Madonna's sound that it's come full circle and she just sounds like other artists who sound like her. If that makes any sense at all, well done you!

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