Alexandra Burke: Album Tracklist + "Bad Boys" video!

Here we go, 2008 X Factor winner Alexandra Burke reveals album details plus the premiere of her much awaited debut single music video.

Well, the video is absolutely stunning at first. She looked very gorgeous but all in a while, this isn’t what we pictured for an Alexandra Burke debut. It’s something very very slutty but not to the point she looked like a porn star. She looked good yeah, the dance moves were okay but the video doesn’t tell us anything at all. Boring. I think “Bad Boys” is a great single but to be honest, it’s not a GREAT debut. Although this deviates her from other X Factor winners especially Leona, I don’t think this is what Alexandra would like to be known for. She has the voice, why don’t use it effectively? And do not go from reality competition winner to be some new R&B bitch like Rihanna. Right??

To keep us minded about the fact that Alexandra Burke’s debut video is a flop, here’s the album tracklist. The album is titled “Overcome”. No official release dates yet.

1. Bad Boys
2. Goodnight Good Morning
3. Silence
4. All Night Long
5. Bury Me
6. Broken Heels
7. Dumb
8. Overcome (produced by Ryan Tedder)
9. Gotta Go
10. You Broke My Heart (written by Pixie Lott)
11. Nothing but the Girl
12. They Don’t Know
13. Hallelujah” (UK Bonus Track)

credit goes to thecsperspective for the tracklist.



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3 responses to “Alexandra Burke: Album Tracklist + "Bad Boys" video!

  1. Paul

    well i guess i know who came out winner in the Cheryl vs Alexandra best video competition 🙂 Alex FTW!!

  2. J.Mensah

    WOW! Alex rocked that video! I love the whole sexy strutting throughout! The song just grew on me amazingly.

  3. Anonymous

    The album is stunning

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