Single Review: Joss Stone – ‘Free Me’

I have been following Joss Stone since her second album was out in 2005. If the blog started back in 2007, I would’ve reviewed latest LP, “Introducing Joss Stone”. It’s undeniable that I deeply love soul music and Joss Stone is one of my favourites. Now, she finally releases single #1 from her brand new album titled “Colour Me Free”. The single is titled “Free Me”.

So far, “Free Me” still incorporates the signature style of Miss Stone. Husky, soulful vocals complementing the whole track. It’s a breathe of fresh air and can be compared to her other songs like ‘Tell Me ‘Bout It’ and ‘Super Duper Love’. It has a genuine taste of positivity but the lyrics to the song says otherwise. It’s about Joss clinging onto her loved one to set her free. “Something that you don’t see every day, A little girl who has found her way , In world that tries to take away All of your dreams”. The song has a feel-good vibe that doesn’t put away Stone’s soulfulness. I think this track’s an ace and prolly would put Joss as one of those much coveted female artists of today, she’s a good choice for a change eh?

RATING: (4/5)

RELEASE DATE: October 20, 2009 (Album)


Listen to the song below!


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One response to “Single Review: Joss Stone – ‘Free Me’

  1. Paul

    Unfortunately Joss Stone bugs me a bit, but I did think she did quite well in The Tudors. She got to play the ugly queen that henry viii is repulsed by – that must be the most awkward casting call since Ugly Betty; "yeah hi Joss, we need you to be the queen of England. No not an attractive one, a real moose of a queen. We thought of you straight away. If you're not interested there is always Mo Mowlam", etc… 🙂

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