Single Review: Kris Allen – ‘Live Like We’re Dying’

Kris Allen is definitely one of those American Idol ‘winners’ that isn’t most likely to have a very successful career as compared to other ‘AI alumnis’. His underdog win over favourite Adam Lambert was indeed shocking but may prove that he has more charm than the latter. Now, with the help of Simon Cowell, he releases single #1. It’s a cover B-side of Irish band The Script. The song was chosen from The Script’s “We Cry” CD single.

The result of the attempt is an epic failure. His voice suited the song but nevertheless just a pure copycat. There’s nothing to compare as Kris tried to sound like the lead singer Danny O’Donaghue. It’s really a wrong choice for a debut single. He should’ve released his version of Kanye’s ‘Heartless’ instead. Maybe if he does it, he’ll get more attention than the usual. The end story is it is definitely boring to those who have heard the song and have appreciated it before Kris sang it. Since The Script are not that popular over the States, he has a great chance of making it a hit. But in all other aspects. It’s definitely just a lame arse boring cover.

The cover? How could it be more BORING?




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5 responses to “Single Review: Kris Allen – ‘Live Like We’re Dying’

  1. Anonymous

    I do think this song's great. Not sure if this is the right single choice though.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, he still have a album to come. But if he sells a lot less than Adam, then it may prove he got more votes for the title but not more voters.

  3. Anonymous

    I think this is just a taste of what's to come.. i wouldn't count him out yet at all… just wait.. he's an extremely talented man

  4. Anonymous

    I think you are very shortsighted and dead wrong in your trash review of Kris's new single. I can't believe that you think Kris won't be successful!! When you consider what Kris has done already with songs like "Heartless" and Ain't No Sunshine", it seems implausible that his new album won't be equally awesome! There have been so many major singers who have had huge success with little or no vocal talent. Kris Allen in comparison, is a musician in every sense and extremely talented in his phrasing and artistry. I just don't get this negative review!!

  5. Ken

    Anonym1: Yes. Thanks for completely agreeing with me

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