Britney Spears: mum talking about ‘3’somes.

Oh Brit, Lovely Brit, you’re a mum of two lovely boys and you’re singing about having a threesome? What’s up with you? Well, Mommy Spears is releasing her new single, ‘Three’ preceding her ‘Singles Collection‘ on November 24, 2009. The single’s indeed very catchy. Irresistible as some of Britney’s current hits, but honey, what’s up with this one?

Certainly, the single’s actually very commendable. The production is well done, but unfortunately this one should be banned. At least for her kids. It’s pretty much inappropriate for her to sing stuff like these. After the very suggestive ‘If U Seek Amy’, Britney’s up at it again with this latest sex-hanger. ‘3’ maybe outstanding in sound but it’s ridiculously unflattering when it comes to its message. But I think who cares? Maybe Brit can redeem herself with this one. Just make sure your kids won’t hear this.

RELEASED: September 29, 2009 (US Radio)

RATING: X-Rated. LOL. (4/5)

Listen to the atrocity. JK.



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5 responses to “Britney Spears: mum talking about ‘3’somes.

  1. Anonymous

    Can't wait for the Saturdays new album Wordshaker out the 12th

  2. J.Mensah

    Your Britney reviews always make me happy (probably because I love her so much). I LOVE "3" such a catchy tune, hopefully a third #1 for her.

  3. Ken

    Anonym: what's with the comment?

  4. Ken

    J.Mensah: really? I hope it will get the top 10!

  5. Anonymous

    Why cant a mom have a threesome? Her kids are like 3 and 2..who cares. They do not know what her song is about. It is fun and catchy. I gurantee plenty of 28 year olds out there have threesomes…OH WELL 🙂

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