Album Review: Paloma Faith – ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?’

Paloma Faith’s music has been a head-turner these days. Her enigmatic personality inflicted with theatrical ambitiousness and diversity makes her more interesting than usual. After her two top 25 hits, ‘Stone Cold Sober’ and ‘New York’, the half-Spanish songstress from London is releasing her Grande debut album ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?’ Miss Paloma describes it as to deliver the listener away from the heavy reality. Well, the album title says it all but did it really fulfil its goal?

The 37-minute compilation of Paloma’s hard work opens with the debut single, ‘Stone Cold Sober’. Its catchiness can be related to a familiar track, ‘Mercy’. Its baffling atmosphere gives Paloma an edge that’s worth listening for. Well, it’s probably the album’s best track thus giving the album an exciting feel to listen more.

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ in a way is one of the very soulful anthems presented in the album. The chorus sounds alike with the second single, ‘New York’. The piano hooks were outstanding as well as the violins and the trumpets which makes the track very big in sound. Its glamour and thespian point of view doesn’t fail to interpret Paloma’s unadulterated passion for music.

Although ‘Stone Cold Sober’ can be the best track, there are equally commendable anthems in the LP. The title track shows brilliant production and one of the most amazing lyrics that the album has to offer, ‘Do You Want the Truth or something beautiful? Just close your eyes and make believe, I’m Happy to deceive you.’ The songstress astoundingly gives enough intense emotion and passion to make the song one of its shining moments.

‘Upside Down’ plays down to a 50’s vintage dance-party theme. Her rich-soulful vocals intemperately give enough visualisation about what the songs’ about. A big surprise, ‘Stargazer’ produces an R&B inflicted vibe but it unfortunately doesn’t go along well with enough hooks and glam to give it a brilliant finish.

Paloma is merely successful in providing us the escape to reality she’s talking about. It’s moving enough, colourful enough but not quite when it comes to musicality. There are points of improvement but as far as we know, she’s ready for recognition. Her debut ‘Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful’ maybe too long in title but for sure, Paloma Faith’s impending fame isn’t going to take that much long.

RELEASED: September 28, 2009

RATING: (7/10)

STAND-OUT TRACKS: ‘Stone Cold Sober’ , ‘New York’ , ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, ‘DYWTTOSB’, ‘Upside Down’


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