Stuck On Repeat: The October Playlist

It’s Sunday and it’s time to introduce a brand new segment. It’s the monthly playlist where we (I) feature the top 15 tracks that would most likely make an impact in the music scene for the next month/s. Although there are left-over tracks not mentioned in the top 15, they’re still enumerated on the list below.

This is also to introduce a new segment, which I want to continue to the coming months. Since THE BEAT REVIEW celebrated its first year anniversary last September, the must-needed changes in the blog are starting to be fulfilled one by one. This one can be a big step for me to improve my skills as a music critique and as a blogger.

The tracks are not ranked in order.

1. Leona Lewis – ‘Happy’

I’ve been a solid fan of this British gal since the beginning of X Factor 3. She’s sort of the reason why I liked watching the show. Having said that, it may sound a bit ‘Bleeding Love’-ish because of Ryan Tedder but I think this is nice solid comeback although I was expecting more from this girl.

2. Madonna – ‘Revolver’
Probably one of the best songs Madonna has released over the recent years. This track just sets on fire every time you play it. Even though I just noticed the similarities of a Brit song in this one, like Paul did.

3. Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys – ‘Empire State of Mind’
To be honest, I’m not a fan of Mr. Jay-Z. The reason why I liked this one is because of Miss Alicia Keys. The chorus is catchy enough and the beat is wicked. The patriotic spirit of the song just entices me.

4. Alphabet – ‘The Spell’
It’s the first track that I truly appreciated from the Danish band. Its energy is compelling and the arrangement and production is astounding. Probably, really one of the best tracks to come up this year. I just hope it gets the right recognition it deserves (well, in the Charts I say).

5. Joss Stone – ‘Free Me’

I don’t know why a little of the persons I know appreciate Joss Stone’s music but I unreservedly liked her since her first material came out. I have to admit that I’ve just known Joss since 2005 but her music is just overflowing with soul and that made me tick about her. ‘Free Me’ is just a feel-good song that you want to keep playing every morning you wake up. (I guess for a limited period of time only)

6. LMFAO – ‘La La La’
I honestly received promotion requests for this Kanye West protégé but I seriously didn’t pay any attention to them at all. Certainly, I keep on playing this track after I heard it on the 2009 Emmy Awards. Haven’t heard the album yet but I’m eager on this one.

7. Robbie Williams – ‘Bodies’

The intro made me want this so badly. The track is ridiculously awesome and I didn’t expect such a fierce comeback from the Bad boy of Pop. I think Robbie is one of the most brilliant artists to ever grace the music scene. I regret not blogging about this when it came out.

8. Cheryl Cole – ‘Fight For This Love’

I’m actually surprised to like this one. I actually never thought Cheryl would be great as a solo artist (up until now). Does this song actually suggest racism? I didn’t notice about it in every aspect. Anyways, let’s see what the reception of the UK public will be when it is released. Can Miss Cheryl handle being a solo artist? Or would she better off back with the girls (Girls Aloud) instead.

9. OneRepublic – ‘All The Right Moves’
I know we sometimes get tired of Ryan Tedder productions but this is a clear exception. Well, at least for me. The comeback single of the Oregon-born band OneRepublic is pretty cool in most aspects. Remember, I said MOST.

10. Bananarama – ‘Love Comes’
Why am I so late about this? I mean I just happen to listen to it after one day searching for pop tracks and I absolutely loved it. It is signature pop and this sets the standards of today’s girl bands. I mean, just take it from ‘Bananarama’.

11. Muse – ‘Undisclosed Desires”
I seldom blog about rock music but I admit that I’m a sucker for rock music especially when it comes to those bands that has their own identity and doesn’t copy other band’s styles. This surely is one of the best highlights of their latest album ‘The Resistance’ and it really is a next single potential.

12. Sugababes – ‘About A Girl’
I honestly don’t know why I like every track RedOne produces. The new version of the song which features newest babe member, Jade Ewen is still awesome. Even though I might notice big differences from the Keisha version, I’m still digging the song. And I’m overly excited about seeing them perform together for the first time. Look who’s singing the ‘Red One… Sugababes’ line. Love it!

13. Taio Cruz – ‘Break Your Heart’

Taio Cruz didn’t truly deserve the #1 hype with this one, but it’s catchy enough for the masses to grab a copy of the track. I’ve always been interested in Taio’s craft but I think his true greatness isn’t showing yet. Let’s wait for his new album ‘This Way Out’ to break all of the hesitations.

14. Michael Bolton featuring Lady GaGa – ‘Murder My Heart’
Even I am shocked about this collaboration. I honestly am expecting some kind of a very Lady GaGa inflicted track when I heard about their collaboration. It suddenly reminds me of Blue’s version of ‘Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word’. I just don’t know why, WEIRD. Btw, the collaboration is outstanding but this team-up is the most likely pair we’d see singing together right?

15. Paloma Faith – ‘New York’
I’ve said before and I’d say it again, Paloma has something worth trying for. I mean, it’s not always we hear some new act that’s quite enigmatic in nature right? Her cinematic and thespian style of singing inflicted in soul music is impenetrable in myriad ways.

The runners-up in an orderly fashion:

  • Lady GaGa – ‘Bad Romance’
  • Eva Simons – ‘Silly Boy’
  • Little Boots – ‘Earthquake’
  • La Roux – ‘I’m Not Your Toy’
  • Nerina Pallot – ‘Real Late Starter’
  • Alexandra Burke – ‘Bad Boys’
  • The Saturdays – ‘Forever Is Over’
  • Tokio Hotel – ‘Automatic’
  • Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift – ‘2 Is Better Than One’
  • Whitney Houston – ‘Million Dollar Bill’
  • Medina – ‘You and I’
  • Mr Hudson – ‘White Lies’
  • Mariah Carey – ‘ I Wanna Know What Love Is’
  • Editors – ‘Papillon’
  • JLS – ‘Everybody In Love’

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