Laura White – ‘You Should’ve Known’

I was really really pissed when Laura White was voted off from The X Factor last year. Although she didn’t win, I’ve instilled myself that Laura will have a recording contract. Well she certainly did with her debut single, ‘You Should Have Known’. Laura’s new single is stunning. Although the song can sound very American, it’s still worthy of appreciation. At first listen, you might think that there’s no really special about this song. Well, you’re absolutely right. It’s very R&B and I think many people will love it. It’s a no brainer that Laura can definitely sing. I just think she needs the right people, the right song and the right time for her to be big as what I’ve imagined her to be.

The single isn’t out until November 5th but here’s the music video of the song.

RELEASED: November 5, 2009 (UK)



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4 responses to “Laura White – ‘You Should’ve Known’

  1. Paul

    It's ok. Not great. I thought Laura sort of shot herself in the foot actually when she got voted off – she played piano and didn't have the skill to do an amazing piano performance and an amazing vocal performance at the same time so the overall thing suffered. Then she was all bitter, and that never goes down well. Still I wish her luck 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Guys remember Laura White from last year’s X factor? Well her debut single ‘You Should Have Known’ is out on the 2nd November and you can see the brand new video at it is fabulous make sure you check it out, let’s get it to number 1!!!! Check out the official web site too

  3. jen011282

    I love the single and think she looks and sounds amazing!! There's an album to follow and I think this is a great taste of things to come!!!

  4. Anonymous

    laura the best please promote this
    we have to do laura go to number 1

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