The Saturdays’ New B-Side: Is it any good?

British girl group, The Saturdays have been quite generous with every release of their singles. The girls are good enough to record an exclusive track just to include it as a B-Side on their singles. Fortunately, most of them are album track potentials (‘Crashing Down’, ‘Golden Rules’ and ‘Unofficial’). But unfortunately, this one might be an exception. The new B-side, ‘I Can’t Wait’ doesn’t do much any good to ‘Forever Is Over’.

‘I Can’t Wait’ wavers into the unfavourable ‘boring’ side of the girls. It’s bland, and doesn’t give any much impression to either lift the single up or exemplify their potentials. In other words, it’s unflatteringly boring. Don’t get me wrong that I don’t like the girls, but the problem is I’m worried about their artistry. Compared to their other B-sides, this one can be just some random left-over track that can somehow fit to the lyrical meaning of ‘Forever Is Over’. It’s cute enough but not impressive.

RELEASED: October 5th (along-side ‘Forever Is Over’)

Well, listen to it:



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2 responses to “The Saturdays’ New B-Side: Is it any good?

  1. Nikki

    The song is a deserving b-side – that's all it will ever be. I do agree that it's boring, the chorus is anti-climactic – I was expecting a gigantic chorus after the verses! I don't know why but the girls seem so uninterested in singing the song.

  2. Ken

    That's the same way I feel about it. Cliff-hanger. Should've been great.

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