I’m not a big fan of interviews, to be honest. But the truth is, we all like to talk to celebrities don’t we? Fortunately, I was able to get up my first interview as a budding music writer. And it ain’t no joke.

THE BEAT REVIEW chats to Eva Simons about her single ‘Silly Boy‘ as she prepares to dominate the world, one step at a time.

To give you an idea about Eva Simons, she’s the mohawk girl who sings the addictive track ‘Silly Boy’. With her bad girl antics, she presents a unique style to today’s pop music. With her eccentricity and undoubtedly cool looks, Eva isn’t one of those ordinary pop stars to come about this year. She has something that most of the people we like doesn’t have. She’s kind enough to answer some of our questions as she prepares to release ‘Silly Boy’ officially in the UK on Monday (October 12).

1. How are you feeling about a pretty good reception over your debut single, “Silly Boy”?

“PROUD! I am so proud ! It’s been crazy the last couple weeks but I’m loving it.

2. Have you ever felt that it’s unfair to pertain your song to a Rihanna and Lady GaGa collaboration rather than you be given the credit long before you decided to release the single?

“Well, in the beginning i was devastated because I wasn’t getting any credit for it and i thought I never would have got the changes I have gotten. But now that the word is out it seems people are really supportive. So now I’m extremely happy!

3. What’s generally your musical style?

“I’m a music prostitute! I love it all ! Now i’m really into the electro music. I love the way music is blend nowadays. I love to blend! rock, hiphop, house you name it and i will try to make a catchy pop tune out of it.

4. How does it feel that you finally get to release “Silly Boy” as a single? Particularly in the UK which I’ve heard had received the song very well by the critics and listeners?

“I know right! Isn’t that crazy!!! Just came back from London. I did some shows there and it was amazing! people were really exited. I mean, a lot of artist first became well known in the U.K before they got their world domination. So i’m really happy that they like it in the U.K.

5. Do you think your fashion style reflects your personality? Why so?

“No, fashion sucks…NOT!!! haha LOOK AT MY HAIR! I love fashion. I’m a strong woman and I like to represent myself like that. I know myself, and I like to wear the close that fit with it. I like to entertain my eyes if you know what I mean..

6. Just to hear your side over current news, What’s your opinion over Kanye West ruthless behaviour in the recently concluded VMAs?

Wow, he really had his moment didn’t he! I don’t know Kanye West, but I think he was pissed off that Beyonce didn’t get the award, but he forgot that Taylor did! and she also deserved the award! so…. you know…Everybody makes mistakes

7. Are you in plans or would you like to think of cracking the US?

Yess yess yess yess yess yess yess.

8. Is there any particular country you’d like to visit to promote your music? Why?

I would love to go to Asia. I was in Tokyo 2 years ago and the people their are so outrages ! I love it. I’m just really anxious to see how they will react on my music. But i wanna go everywhere! won’t stop till I’ve visited every country in the WORLD!

9. What do you think is your edge over the other female pop artists that the world is getting fond of as of the moment?

I’m crazy! no really! i am ! I think i have multiple personality’s and the Eva you are seeing right now is one of them. She is very strong though. I think she is staying for a while but maybe the next album some other personality of mine will take over. will see…

catch her single, ‘Silly Boy’ which will be available in CD single formats in the UK on October 12.




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5 responses to “Q&A with EVA SIMONS!

  1. Paul

    I'm a music prostitute! BRILLIANT! Haha. Love Silly Boys 🙂 Can't wait to hear more from her.

  2. Ken

    Re: Paul

    she's amazing isn't she? Well, I'm excited as well.

  3. Mike

    Fantastic! I love "Silly Boy" and I think Eva's great. The single is now top 40 on Australian iTunes, so fingers crossed she will do some local promotion in the not too distant future!

  4. Ken

    Re: Mike

    Awesome! Ooh. Yes, promotion. I think she should do some tours right?

  5. She will be a large international star with 1-3 years. She is very confident and charismatic in her face and eyes. I actually just wrote an article breaking her down on my website. Needs to step away from the Rihanna and Lady Gaga comparisons though, you know people are going to talk about that non-stop.

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