Single Review: Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love

Winning this year’s critics choice award on the Brits was such an easy one for Florence Welch. Her enigmatic, soul infused with a little bit of rock music is absolutely a breath of fresh air. She has a frenetic vibe popping every time she’s on stage or when she releases a music video. With a top 3 debut album, 2 singles on her belt, Florence releases single number three from her debut album, ‘Lungs’. ‘You’ve Got The Love’, it’s a re-release of her cover of ‘You Got A Love’ which was released earlier this year.

Upon hearing ‘You’ve Got The Love’ on ‘Lungs’, it became one of my instant favourites. It’s soft; intro touches a certain level of sub consciousness that you expect it to be a power ballad. It then becomes a big-hearted midtempo rock-soul affair that brings a bit of energy but still filled with enough softness. Although she’s not that successful when it comes to her singles, I hope ‘YGTL’ captures the public with its greatness.



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