Album Review: Cheryl Cole – 3 Words

Being part of Britain’s biggest Girl Band, Girls Aloud; Having chosen by FHM as the Sexiest Woman of the World, being married to a football star, a respectable judge on Britain’s biggest show on TV, the X Factor; the only thing missing for this star is a solo music career. In addition, with ‘3 Words’, she now has all of them.

Although not being the most favoured girl from the band to be a solo artist, Cheryl proves them wrong as she tries her best to be Britain’s new favourite girl. The good thing is, she is an outstanding performer. Although many have doubted about her vocal/singing abilities, I think I have to agree that Cheryl has the most potential in pulling everything off as a performer (see Nikki’s vocal commentary about GIRLS ALOUD here.)

Now, alongside the help of Simon Cowell, her record label Fascination Records puts the money in the bank for Cheryl. They managed to come up with an album for the Girls Aloud diva. The debut, ‘3 Words’ – already having a #1 single under its belt is the first offering of Cheryl Cole and so far, its proving a success even before it is released.

Opening the fantastic debut LP is the title track ‘3 Words’ with the help of Will.I.Am, Cheryl ventures into the electropop scene. The guitar infused intro never really announced of an impending smash club anthem.  It’s subtle in the verses and evolves into a bass-flourished electro pop anthem that puts it to be DJ favourite. I’m pretty sure this song will encounter loads of remixes from the likes of Cahill, Bimbo Jones and Jason Nevins.

Second track from the LP, ‘Parachute’ introduces its marching-band type of atmosphere like the one we have heard from ‘Fight for This Love’. It has a soulful vibe that denounces Cheryl’s ability to give diversity on her debut album. The sweet lyrics ‘I don’t need a Parachute baby if I have you.’ – As Cheryl sings is as sweet as the song can sound.

I think the definitive sound Cheryl wants to imply to the album is her ability to sing R&B songs. With the help of Black Eyed Peas member and music producer Will.I.Am, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Boy like You’ attests to it. Its sound is somehow a re-work of something we have heard before. The horn infused midtempo pop anthem, ‘Rain on Me’ – prolly the best in the album is stunning in every aspect. It has a Mark Ronson-esque vibe on it that is irresistible. ‘Rain on Me’s’ chorus showed more vocal range from Cheryl that’s quite pleasing to hear. In short, a diva song suited Cheryl more than anyone else.

There are also dance / pop anthems that would most likely be also Cheryl’s forte. ‘Stand Up’, produced by Taio Cruz sounds a bit like ‘Break Your Heart’ part two – although the latter was supposed to be given to Miss Cole, I do not have an idea on how it will sound. With its violin, infused background it’s ace in most parts. Another Will.I.Am collab, ‘Boy Like You’ sounds a bit something that Britney might sing and become a hit. Lyrically its bullshite but the thing is you’ll never expect something like this to become an album carrier or some sort.

Cheryl’s debut LP isn’t that BAD. It’s quite okay as a debut LP as it ventures out of her previous music that is generic pop from Girls Aloud. It’s a good thing to see her going out of her shell and giving us some R&B, dance pop songs that meticulously fit today’s pop music urges. Although it isn’t unique, she never failed to present her musical artistry. Although there’s no cohesion presented throughout the entirety of the album, it signals Cheryl’s attempt of a long-term career as a solo artist although I’m still not sure whether we’ve accepted it or not.

RATING: 7/10

RELEASED: October 26, 2009 (UK and IRELAND)

DOWNLOAD THIS: ‘Rain on Me’, ‘Parachute’, ‘Make Me Cry’, ‘3 Words’


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