Album Review: The Saturdays – Wordshaker

It was August of last year when Fascination is introducing the  latest addition in their roster. The Saturdays are seeking for massive attention from the British public upon the release of their debut single, ‘If This Is Love’. As the girls present their style of music, they have been untimely compared to their predecessors, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, The Spice Girls etc. The good thing is, the girls went on to a good start, as their debut single entered at #8. Their next single, ‘Up’ went on to be a top 5 hit. As the girls drew closer to the release of their debut album, Vanessa, Mollie, Frankie, Una and Rochelle are the hottest girls in British pop music at that time.

A year passed and the girls already have all their singles enter the top 25 of the UK Singles Charts and a decent debut pop album in their belts ‘Chasing Lights’ (which was certified Platinum status by the BPI), they’re just starting to become legends in their own rights. Now, they’re up for album number 2, ‘Wordshaker’. Did ‘Wordshaker’ surmount the standards of their debut? Or did it fall short to give aplomb and settle for a flailing second album?

Opening the 45 minute album is their latest single, ‘Forever Is Over’. The Beat Review gave the album a decent rating upon the first few spins of the record. Unfortunately, upon thorough consideration and contemplation about how the song sounds, we may find it very boring towards the end. The dark sound kind of sets the girls apart from their ‘Chasing Lights’ CD but I think it is too early to consider this as the album’s carrier song.

Like what they did with ‘Chasing Lights’, ‘Wordshaker’ has its own syrupy, power-ballads. The Brandy demoed ‘No Air’ – wait its ‘Here Standing’ is very cliché sounding. As well as ‘No One’ which is kind of very predictable – as some of the songs in the LP were.

Unsurprisingly, the girls also ventured on to their inner ‘fierce’ side. As their late-due single ‘Work’ sets the trend on some songs in the album. The title track is like a mash-up of ‘Work’ with a bit darker ambiance floating everywhere. Same as with ‘One Shot’ , whose electro-pop synths are as heavy as unbeatable drums. Then there’s ‘Ego’ which describes having a man with a narcissistic character.  These songs tell us stories of domination, not in the sense that it is vulgar but taking over good-gone bad relationships because of mischievous boys.

Although there are quite some impressive hooks in the album, we can’t help but notice the girls’ improving or downgrading vocal prowess. During the course of the LP, it’s noticeable that there have been so much shouting going on in some songs like ‘Forever Is Over’, ‘Not Good Enough’ and ‘Loose Control’. It sounded a bit too loud that it tends to be annoying at some time.

As the album went to a quite convincing precipice towards the end, ‘Wordshaker’ doesn’t escape album fillers. ‘2.a.m’ which doesn’t sound like something The Saturdays would do, might be most likely described as a Girls Aloud rip-off.  ‘Wordshaker’ might give some impressive songs with undoubtedly powerful hooks, but it doesn’t exceed the marvellous impression ‘Chasing Lights’ showered us last year. It’s very pop sounding with electro-pop goodness overflowing in some good parts; it lacked personality which we’re still yet to see from the girls. The album didn’t completely live up its expectations thus making it a weak second album. They should embark on other aspects in which they can excel or improve on such as songwriting and enough experimentation to make their act a bit more exciting. ‘Wordshaker’ doesn’t completely disappoint but it doesn’t go on to be as great as they can be.

RATING: 7/10

RELEASED: October 12, 2009 (UK)

DOWNLOAD THIS: ‘Open Up’ , ‘Wordshaker’ , ‘One Shot’


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