RECOMMENDED: Natalia Kills

My knowledge of the music scene is not that deep, I have to admit. That is why when I saw the name Natalia Kills pop up on my screen, I was left asking lots and lots of questions. After digging up some information, I was still left asking for more. Anyway, let us get the ball rolling now. Natalia Kills started out as Natalia Cappucini, a Myspace music celebrity, and suddenly transformed into Verbz, a rapper who appeared on They Talk S**t About Me, a single by M. Pokora.

After being signed by Cherry Tree Records, the label who signed the glamorous Lady GaGa, the 23-year-old underwent some major image changes in the birth of the dark artist now known to the general public as Natalia Kills.

With the Natalia Kills image now set in place, she has released her single entitled Zombie. Below are my thoughts about the single that is soon to get the attention of the general public:

1. The song does sound really dark and the best part of it would be it all got executed with greatness.

2. Natalia’s vocals are filthy rich and although her image might be questionable a little bit, I honestly think she can pull it off.

3. The song reminds me of the recent image that Rihanna just put for her recent effort Rated R. However, the similarity ends there. Natalia’s material is edgier, packs more punch, and has loads more potential. You just have to hope that Fernando Garibay (the man who produced GaGa’s awful Dance In The Dark track) and do not mess this up.

4. Arrangement-wise, the track does a fine job. The line “I’m in love with a zombie!” really shines out. The song may be dark alright but I have to say that the song is pretty catchy as well.

When all things are said and done, I really can say that Natalia Kills is one artist to watch out this 2010. Zombie turned out to be one of the songs that I really liked. We just have to hope that future material will showcase her vocal range more. I am still skeptical about her image. Will she pull it off with ease or will it eventually look contrived? Here’s me hoping for the former.

This article was written by our resident contributor, Jio Canlas.


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