Album Review: Ke$ha – Animal

I remembered hearing Ke$ha for the first time last year when she got featured in Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’. Well it was her first mainstream media appearance if you may ask. Since then, the buzz has been up who Kesha Sebert was. Little did we know that the blonde Tennessee girl has been working with Dr. Luke and Max Martin since the tender age of 17. Now, Ke$ha has achieved unbelievable success and mainstream appreciation with her single, ‘Tik Tok’ which seemed like an overnight phenomena.

Ke$ha takes a big step with her debut album, ‘Animal’ which took 3 years in the making. Like Lady GaGa, Ke$ha tries to be a deviant of today’s manufactured pop music. Her eclectic mix of pop, electronica, dance and rock simplifies into a marvellous pop record – of course with a main theme presented PARTYING. We can all get that Ke$ha loves to party and it clearly shows in most of the songs in the record – a big example of which is the ridiculously catchy, ‘Tik Tok’.

The almost an hour LP opens with a similar theme based on ‘TT’, ‘You’re Love Is My Drug’ captures every bit of excitement. An infectious rhythm encrypted with a ‘party animal’ atmosphere – it doesn’t fail to bring out the momentum on what we can anticipate on the entirety of the LP.

Following ‘YLIMD’, the number 1 hit ‘Tik Tok’ still keeps the pace up with the celebrations, being drunk wasted theme. It might be really hard not to enjoy this track as it came to us by storm. Rambunctious and naughty in style, it’s Ke$ha’s defining moment of the album.

Although the positive, carefree outlook of Ke$ha’s music clearly shows in most of her tracks – quality might be compensated over identity. Severly autotuned vocals can be quite a minus in some of her offerings. ‘Take It Off’ is a pretty good example of it. Although the track’s addictive it failed to show her individuality that’s much needed in order for her to be called a great artist.

Having all those party tracks the album is promoting, ‘Animal’ shows a bit of Ke$ha’s life. A debut album might be a miss if it doesn’t have those sobby things that lingers on the artist’s failures, life experiences or anything particular that might bring the ‘other side’ of an artist. There were some tracks that would’ve suited in a piano based instrumentals such as ‘Blind’ and ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes’ – but heck these tracks did sound quite good but you know, it could’ve been better.

I guess we already get what Ke$ha would like us to know about her. It’s definitely pop music that we’d love to listen to after party night hangovers or music that we’d love to party while ‘brushing our teeth with a bottle of jack’ kind of. Although there are clearly some things Ke$ha can improve on, I strongly believe she has what it takes to be a respectable pop star. Not some drunk chick trying to take over the world with her drunk party arse tunes.


RELEASED: January 5, 2009 (US), February 1, 2009 (UK)


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