Album Review: Sugababes – Sweet 7

An album that lacked inspiration but still worked like a charm.

This current line-up of one of Britain’s biggest girl groups Sugababes may be dubbed as ‘Sugababes 4.0’ but they surely won’t be downed by the controversies, hatred they’re receiving from Keisha fans  and utterly disappointing sales from their singles. Their album, ‘Sweet 7’ is the official seventh studio album under the name Sugababes. Although there isn’t original member left in the line-up Jade, Amelle and Heidi acts like they’ve been together for a long time now – well, that’s only in my opinion.

I’m not going to talk about Keisha anymore, I promise.

The 12 track LP opened with the first single, ‘Get Sexy’ – to be honest it really sounded better when Jade recorded it not that we’re biased or anything. It’s a hot club banger that’s full of swagger and ambition. Although it lacks originality, ‘Get Sexy’ is still one of the babes’ ‘Fiercest’.

Thenit’s followed by the current single, ‘Wear My Kiss’  – a dancy, another egocentric track that puts Jade in a fugly ponytail (please refer to the video). Then there’s the redone track we all loved ‘About A Girl’ which actually sounded a lot better than the original version of it.

Probably the best track in my opinion is ‘Thank You For The Heartbreak’ – it’s another anthem about women empowerment which is catchy as hell and doesn’t disappoint as it gave Jade the opportunity to put up her vocal range (which is pretty good to be honest).

But you can’t actually erase the fact that most of the songs in this album are just recycled materials. Only the first half of the album gave a better listening experience while the latter half suffered the lack of inspiration, creativity and charm the Sugababes used to have just 2 editions ago.

Overall, the album isn’t a totally suck up album but rather an album that felt short of a massive expectation about something really big since it was held off for almost 4 almost four months. Too bad that ‘Sweet 7’ might really be the last album from once the biggest girl group in the UK, the Sugababes

RELEASED: March 5, 2010 (UK)

LABEL: Island Records


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