Single Review: Scouting For Girls – This Ain’t A Love Song

I do love hearing stuff coming from the indie scene and when given the chance to hear this new single by indie outfit Scouting For Girls, I was more than excited. However, it turns out that such expectations would only contribute to my disappointment.

This Ain’t A Love Song features a harmonic arrangement with the piano calling the shots most of the way. The charming arrangement would have made a perfect listening experience but the lyrics just downright killed the ’satisfaction levels’ of the track. The lyrics may be labeled as ‘awful’ and ‘pathetic’ – there is no romanticizing done in the track whatsoever. Simply put, the lyrical brilliance just could not be found.

There is no denying though that the single may be liked by some. However, the overall product disappointed me big time. After learning that frontman Roy Stride mentioned that he trashed a whole album of songs for he wanted to write the perfect pop song, here is what I can say: This Ain’t A Love Song is far from being a perfect pop song and I guess it’s back to square one for the Londoners.


Date Released: March 29,2010 (UK)

Label: Epic Records


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