DAILY BEAT: School Gyrls – Something Like A Party

I know this might be old. Well the song ‘Something Like A Party’ was released on US iTunes late last year as an introduction to Nickelodeon’s answer to Disney’s High School Musical (not literally). The track is a killer one and comes from 3 outstanding young ladies dressed  in skimpy school girl outfits. Monica, Jacque and Mandy are three sweet bad ass girls who tries to be cool by giving us irresistible pop tunes and uses their charm to captivate young audiences with their new definition of teen pop.

The result of the first single something really enjoyable to be honest. I actually remember the first time I heard about them that I don’t even want to try to listen to their music. Until I just had the urge to check them out. They’re actually not that bad compared to the image Nick Cannon has given them. The uninspired name, ridiculous outfits and spanking attitude doesn’t really translate well into their awesome music. Well, if you’re going to base their style on becoming successful, I think Mr Cannon is trying to lead them to flopville which I think they shouldn’t end up on.

RELEASED: February 9, 2010 (Amazon)


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