DAILY BEAT: Kate Nash – Grrrilla Munch

Kate Nash has been one Britain’s bubbling stars of 2008 I must say. Winning a Brit Award for her début effort on ‘Made Of Bricks’ is an astonishing feat but then we kind of missed her for 2 years as she recently joined The Receeders, another Indie band trying to share the fame in Britain’s large container of Indie band. To be completely honest, upon hearing the free download ‘I Just Love You More’ last February (still available free download on Kate’s official website). I am convinced she has been turned into some Indie chick and not what she gave us as a bubbly and witty singer-songwriter reputation in ‘Made Of Bricks’. It’s quite unappealing at first but you’ll learn to accept Kate’s new brand of indie music.

Her comeback single, ‘Do-Wah-Doo’ taken from her sophomore album ‘My Bestfriend Is You’, which she managed to complete in spite of her being in a band is somehow good to be honest. Although the B-Side ‘Grrrilla Munch’ already made for download on Amazon.co.uk is somehow a lot more appealing to me.  Having said that, the track lacked finesse as if it sounded unpolished and seemed like it’s a demo. As I’m disappointed with the arrangement, the lyrics are good enough for me to hang on to it. It’s dark and consuming in most senses.

RELEASED: March 29, 2010 (UK)

LABEL: Polydor




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3 responses to “DAILY BEAT: Kate Nash – Grrrilla Munch

  1. ahh there u are found u!

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