DAILY BEAT: Tania Foster – Supawoman

The 23-year-old South Londoner might be a newbie in her chosen genre but she has worked with some of the UK’s chart topping artists. Being featured in Tinchy Stryder’s latest album, Tania Foster is a new face on urban pop music to be reckoned with. She has something most of our latest pop stars have. Stunning vocals, gorgeous looks and massive appeal. She may don’t have a single out yet but we’re sure she’ll be up in the charts before you know it.

The track, ‘Supawoman’ is sheer electro-pop brilliance. Although it may doesn’t sound like something we haven’t heard before, the production of the song worked as far as we’re concerned. And to tell you, it’s something that’s better than some of the songs having utmost attention from the media today. Although she might be under the spotlight for now, we’ll surely see Tania gazing our television in the near/distant future.
Be sure to check out her MySpace


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