DAILY BEAT: Orianthi – Shut Up and Kiss Me

Australian rocker Orianthi Panagaris whose well known mononymously as Orianthi is back with a new single. With ‘According To You’ finished last year on a high last year thanks to her exposure as Michael Jackson’s guitarist on ‘This Is It’ Orianthi’s ready to release single number two titled ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’. The single is not included in her debut album, ‘Believe’ but is now available to download on iTunes US store.

For some reason, ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’ has loads of appeal compared to ‘According To You’ although both are still on the pop/rock lane. ‘SU&KM’ is actually very radio friendly and it’s something you’d always wanted to hear on the radio. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Orianthi song if there weren’t amazing guitar riffs and undeniably strong vocals right? There’s nothing negative about the track but we can’t erase that she’s starting to be compared to other pop/rock singers that are quite ahead of her right now but no one can take away her awesome guitar skills. Maybe she’d release a ballad next time? That’s just a wish.

RELEASED: April 6, 2010

BUY: Orianthi - Shut Up & Kiss Me - Single - Shut Up & Kiss Me

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