Album Review: Neon Trees – Habits

Neon Trees – a pretty cool name huh? Well, this quartet from Provo, Utah has just been signed with Mercury Records last year and they’re still quite unknown to most pop/rock listeners because they didn’t get the chance to be exposed before they were signed to a major label. With much buzz coming out this year, they’ve released a single titled ‘Animal’ and a début album, ‘Habits’ all in the first quarter of this year. The band’s repertoire might be unabashedly compared with The Killers and Muse as they present stadium-filling music – brilliantly crafted rock music suited for fans of the latter two alike.

The band’s debut single, ‘Animal’ which comes off as track number three in the 37-minute LP sounds very hip and pop compared to most of the tracks in their first offering. It’s something you’d want to lip-sync to while you’re in a music festival or something. It’s catchy yet confusing about what the band really wants the listeners to feel about their LP. Although they’d want to keep a good message through their lyrics as they discussed many sides of love in most of their tracks.

With their amazing energy that clearly shows in every track, Neon Trees can never be branded boring to be completely honest. Since it’s branded as a rock album, it’s never far that it could be a bit rambunctious at times especially ‘1983’ that might be considered an instant hook as it gets its inspiration from the punk rock music scene.

Showing off a lot of likable traits, this album presents a great collection of bad-ass pop/rock anthems most of them are possible singles which embraces the generic breed of today’s pop/rock bands. ‘Habits’ doesn’t want you to think about how you’re going to appreciate this type of music but hence makes it easier for somebody who doesn’t treats this as their cup of tea to actually like this. Having said that, it’s a no brainer that these songs aren’t something we haven’t heard before. It clearly denotes an album that’s ephemeral in nature – for some period you’d learn to love the CD but then you’ll realise you somehow forget about it eventually.

RELEASED: March 16th, 2010

DOWNLOAD THIS: ‘Animal’, ‘1983’, ‘Sins of My Youth’

BUY THE ALBUM: Neon Trees - Habits (Bonus Track Version)

LABEL: Mercury Records


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