DAILY BEAT: Owl City – Umbrella Beach

Adam Young or more commonly known as the one-man project Owl City has been all over the world these past few months. After gaining worldwide recognition status for ‘Fireflies’ and ‘Vanilla Twilight’, the Owannota bred synth star is gearing up for his second release in the UK. It might be known to all that ‘Fireflies’ had a warm welcome to the British fans earlier this year as it went number 1 for 3 straight weeks. The new single is titled ‘Umbrella Beach’ and is off from his sophomore album, ‘Ocean Eyes’.

‘Umbrella Beach’ is actually one of my personal favourites from the stunning LP that was around in the US market for quite sometime now. The track is a mere collection of slick synth dance beats making the track a potential club hitter. You can hear positivity from the track which makes it absolutely radio friendly. I think this is a good choice as it is timed as a summer anthem. Pretty ace isn’t it?

RELEASED: May 17, 2010

LABEL: Universal Island

BUY: Owl City - Ocean Eyes - Umbrella Beach

LISTEN: Umbrella Beach (Kenny Hayes Remix):



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2 responses to “DAILY BEAT: Owl City – Umbrella Beach

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  2. I’ve meant to write about something like this on my blog and this has given me an idea. Cheers.

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