It’s back! TBR’s April 2010 Playlist!

Missed our monthly playlist? Well, it’s back and it’s our best yet. These tracks are randomly selected and are not ranked so. Enjoy while it lasts.

1. School Gyrls – Something like A Party
I really did take back what I said on twitter about weeks ago that I’d never want to try listening to these girls. But since a friend insisted about this and it just keeps on showing up the inbox, I said ‘Why not?’ and there it goes. It’s really not that hard to like the track. Although these girls still need a total makeover.

2. Orianthi – Shut Up & Kiss Me

This Australian rocker chick really has what it takes to become one of our favourite pop/rock stars. She just needs to make her songs more pop and maybe collaborate with more hit-making people. All in a while she’s got the guts and mind you, ‘Shut up & Kiss Me’ is something you’d really want to hear from her. Great.

3. Neon Trees – Animal
Slick-cut-throat-bad-ass track. This got to be one of my favourites from the new and upcoming band, Neon Trees.

4. Jupiter – Vox Populi (Lifelike Treatment)
Probably one of the best tracks off the Kitsune Maison Compilation 9, the French duo who are most famous as electro dance funk artist and are starting to make waves in the bizz. They’re still quite unknown as of today but they already have an EP under their name and are making bad-ass remixes for artists such as Two Door Cinema Club and Chew Lips. ‘Vox Populi’ is the band’s first single and is proving to be one of those tracks that I’m going to be playing for a long time.

5. Girlicious – Maniac
The American trio which are moulded from the reality show that originally launched them as a quartet. Now the group’s first single without a fourth member is proving to be very effective. It’s more like of PCD except these girls know how to sing and not overpower each other and it doesn’t sound as sexually suggestive as some of PCD’s song which is good. And did I tell you ‘Maniac’ is going to be their first worldwide release? Can’t wait for the success.

6. Sky Ferreira – 17
Oh beautiful Sky. She stunned me upon hearing her first track ‘Happy Dre’. This girl has got everything going on. Just think of Miley Cyrus (not that much) but less the irritation. Of course she has a beautiful voice and to top it off a ridiculous fashion sense. I might just be in love again. Having said that, ‘17’ doesn’t do much an introduction to this 17-year-old soon to be talk of the town pop star. Let’s just wait and see the progress.

7. Mini Viva – One Touch
Talking about pop at its finest, it is actually Mini Viva’s best yet. And I would be utterly depressed if this doesn’t go top 10.

8. Taio Cruz – Dirty Picture (feat. Ke$ha)
Taio truly deserves his feat right now. Making #1 in the US with ‘Break Your Heart’ proves that the Brits also has the guts to do some good R&B and Hip-Hop music. ‘No Other One’, the sophomore single off the 2nd LP wasn’t a good choice hence it flopped. Now, with the always drunk Ke$ha steps in and gives Taio help. ‘Dirty Picture’ is a bad-ass track that would surely fire its way to the charts in to time again.

9. Mika – Kick-Ass
Talking about a Kick-Ass track! This RedOne produced track doesn’t seem to be one. Well certainly Mika makes it his own and does a good job with it. But it kind of bugs me that this is chosen as the main theme song? Well it doesn’t deserve that position that much though.

10. Chipmunk feat. Esmee Denters – Until You Were Gone
Chipmunk’s latest hit is an absolute stunner. Having said that, it doesn’t gear away from other Fraser Smith produced tracks. It may sound Taio Cruz in the background but it surely is one Chipmunk’s finest. I’ll bet that this might just go inside the top 5.

11. Kid Sister – Daydreaming
Already getting huge media attention today, Kid Sister is set to conquer the airwaves with her new single, ‘Daydreaming’. It’s being released on April 19th in the UK and I’m definitely digging it.

12. Cascada – Pyromania
I don’t actually like the fact that people are linking Cascada to be copiers of Lady GaGa’s music. It might be obvious that some of her songs might sound alike but the truth is, Cascada is making this kind of music way earlier than Lady GaGa started to bud out of her shell. Well, ‘Pyromania’ is a club banger and doesn’t disappoint with every hit. It’s pretty catchy too.

13. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Bittersweet (Freemasons Radio Edit)
This mix is pretty much than the original IMAO. It’s actually better than ‘Heartbreak’ if I may recall, which didn’t do fair in the singles charts. It’s definitely a brilliant record but it’s definitely not something that would most likely to stay inside the top 40 for quite some time even without going to #1.

14. B.o.B – Don’t Let Me Fall

His platinum-selling first single, ‘Nothin’ On You’ is still making airwaves but this new single, ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ doesn’t sound close to the former. The track somehow presents something melancholic yet exhibits an awesome lyrical content. You might compare this to something Kid Cudi would actually record but let’s see if this will receive the same accolade ‘Nothin’ On You’ had.

15. Fenech-Soler – Stop and Stare

Unarguably one of the best electronic records of the year, this unsigned three-piece synth masters knows how to mix and match. It’s addictive and you’ll give in soon enough.

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4 responses to “It’s back! TBR’s April 2010 Playlist!

  1. The Mad Katter

    Nice playlist! Love how you gush about Sky. Haha.

  2. Love Neon Trees! It was free download on the US iTunes. “Slick-cut-throat-bad-ass track” awesome description! 🙂

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