New Single Shit Alert: Autotuning Brian McFadden

So where’s Brian McFadden actually since he decided to go solo and leave Westlife as a four-piece? As far as I’m concerned, he’s been thriving at the down-under lately since his engagement with Australian pop gem Delta Goodrem. But what about his music career? Oh well, he came up a couple or three top 10 UK hits and a surprising #1 back in 2004 but after quite sometime he’s been out of the spotlight from where he became popular before moving to Australia. Now, he’s up with a single with the help of American rock singer Kevin Rudolf and it’s surprisingly a dance/pop number. The single, ‘Just Say So’ is surprisingly being loved by the Australians.

Oh well, Brian McFadden can’t get any sillier in this track. Massive, ginormous amounts of autotune are whirling around the track with minimum complement provided by Rudolf. The chorus is actually a bit more enjoyable than the dreadful verses. I just wished he didn’t use autotune and might sound a little better. But still, it’s a predictable number and doesn’t surprise me if critics might bash this. Well, it’s not really worth it so why bother?

RELEASED: April 9th, 2010 (AUS)

LABEL: Island Records Australia


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