Single Review: HURTS – Better Than Love

It’s known to ya’ll that I’ve followed the duo since they released their brilliant track ‘Wonderful Life’ last year. Following their début release is ‘Blood, Tears & Gold’ which made me even want their music more. I think I’ve learned to love these guys because of their presented genre that’s Disco Lente (Slow Disco) which actually fits in my musical preferences. I think most of their fans are aching for the duo to release their first official single and I think the duo might have a good remedy to that. ‘Better Than Love’ is the band’s first single to be released mainstream. The band’s officially releasing the single on the 17th of May.

‘Better Than Love’ actually regresses the melancholic vibe presented by their first two releases ‘Wonderful Life’ and ‘Blood, Tears & Gold’. It’s rather on a state where it becomes something very electropop which kind of leaves you for wanting a better chorus or something more spectacular because the song can really handle it. It’s something that you’d really want to listen to while working out because it presents an incredible rush of energy for every verse and chorus. ‘Better Than Love’ can be summed up as something in between The Prodigy, Bloc Party can do with a little help from Delphic. It’s actually that brilliant.

And we all can’t wait on how these guys will fair to the British public upon the release of ‘Better Than Love’ this coming May 17th.

RELEASED: May 17, 2010 (UK)
LABEL: Polydor

MP3: HURTS – Better Than Love (Stream only)

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