News: Charice reveals album track listing. LP released May 11th

Filipino pop star Charice Pempengco is already set upon the release of her eponymous debut album on May 11th. The teenage singer, who rose to fame in the United States upon appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show and The Oprah Winfrey Show is now ready to release her debut album ‘Charice’ that features 12 tracks on the standard edition and 2 bonus tracks upon pre-ordering the album through iTunes. The track listing are as follows:

Standard Edition:

01 Pyramid
02 Reset
03 In This Song
04 Nobody’s Singin’ To Me
05 Thank You
06 I Love You
07 In Love So Deep
08 All That I Need To Survive
09 Nothing
10 The Truth Is
11 Did It For You
12 Note To God

iTunes Bonus Tracks:

13 Breathe You Out
14 Are We Over

*The album is now available for pre order on iTunes and

P.S.: The album cover looks stunning isn’t it?



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8 responses to “News: Charice reveals album track listing. LP released May 11th

  1. oh i like it! i’ve heard the song a zillion times, i just didn’t know it was her!

  2. Bobby-B

    Whoa, didn’t know an Asian girl sings PYRAMID. That’s me & my girlfriend’s song. “AT THE TOP BABY, AT THE TOP GIRL.”

  3. Fly N Dance

    wow very impressive, can’t wait for the album!

  4. marichel!

    at the top Charice! Charice is so beautiful in the cover! Curious also about the songs… 0_o XD ❤

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  6. Someone is having bad hair day!

    Just beware that Charice fans have been known to making multiple comments under different names. I have proof of their sock puppetry:

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