DAILY BEAT: Diana Vickers – Four Leaf Clover (Acoustic Version)

Diana Vickers is one pretty young lady isn’t she? Agree? Agree? Oh well, I’ve been gazing my eyes upon Diana ever since she’s been on the X Factor 2008. Her unique vocals at such a young age is pretty much impressive and we all know that right? Obviously, Diana recently had a major image makeover. She moved from a simple, down-to-earth country lass to a sophisticated, urbanised and pop driven young woman as she tries to show an image that’s to be known as Diana Vickers. A pop star to be exact. Now, she has released her first single, ‘Once’ which kind of already is  making its way into the charts as it went #1 on the iTunes UK charts after 18 hours of release.

A new song, included in her EP of ‘Once’ is the acoustic version of ‘Four Leaf Clover’. I’ve never heard of the standard version of the track yet so I’m guessing it isn’t as piano-inflicted as the acoustic version presented. Well, ‘Four Leaf Clover’ is actually one of those tracks that upon first listen, you’d never want to stop playing it. It’s a certified tear-jerker as Diana puts her best effort to be emotional on a such melancholic love song. It’s somehow drastic but then delivers a much deserved emotion that we all know Diana can give and make it as beautiful as it will or might ever be. I’m just in love with this track and now lost for words. Hear for yourself:

THE EP is released today, April 19th and is available for purchase on AMAZON.

Watch out my review of Diana Vickers’ EP for ‘Once’ this week.


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