DAILY BEAT: Robyn – Dancing On My Own

Finally. We’ve got to listen to Robyn’s first official single off her new album ‘Body Talk Part 1’. As you may have known already, Robyn’s new album will be released in 3 parts. The first part is being released this June and we’re getting this track ‘Dancing On My Own’ as the opening single. Earlier this April, she released three tracks available for download on the US itunes store namely, ‘Fembot’, ‘None of Dem’ and ‘Dancehall Queen’.

‘Dancing On My Own’ is absolutely one hell of a track. The amazing combination of synthesisers makes this one of the best tracks Robyn has ever made. ‘DOMO’ is actually one of her tracks that has presented a clear lyrical meaning. Robyn shows a bit of resentment as she tries to be happy even though her man is in love with somebody else. It’s melancholic indeed but you may want to forget about that and just appreciate the astounding creativity presented in this track. I’m sure ya’ll are so excited about the video right?

RELEASED: June 7th, 2010

LABEL: Interscope (Cherrytree Records)


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One response to “DAILY BEAT: Robyn – Dancing On My Own

  1. This is uber awesome. I don’t get it at 1st listen but after a few more spin, it’s amazing šŸ˜€ Ahhhh

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