Shayne Ward does RedOne

Okay, as much as I didn’t want to disappoint myself. I just can’t. Apparently, Shayne Ward did some songs with RedOne. A track called ‘Brain Washed’ leaked and it might not or might be included in his upcoming debut album. Well, it seems that the track is somehow unfinished or still raw and it doesn’t sound really good. The good thing is, he said ‘RedOne… Shayne Ward’ in the beginning. I just hope this isn’t the only RedOne song he did and please don’t include this on his new album. Please don’t.

I don’t know if this will grow on me but for the first listen the track gets a:




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2 responses to “Shayne Ward does RedOne

  1. Don’t worry. I don’t get it at all too, and here I thought I’m gonna enjoy whatever RedOne production. Sigh~

  2. I’m all for a bit of Shayne, but this isn’t particula brillo. It will do though as something to idly pass the time…

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