M.I.A. – Born Free

I’ve been a follower of M.I.A.’s music ever since she showered us with the undeniably catchy ‘Paper Planes’ last 2008. She’s actually one of those artists that I never seem to be discontented with. Despite with her addition of Indian instruments in her material, it definitely creates a big twist in most of her music that’s quite weird to others but totally awesome to some. Even though I don’t get the comparisons with La GaGa, M.I.A. has sound of her own. She doesn’t try to be somebody else and she brings every piece of music on the table – absolutely hot.

But it looks like she actually has to do some image consulting and more inspiration as her new single, ‘Born Free’ lacked every bit of pizazz ‘Paper Planes’ has to offer. The track seemed all unpolished, uninspired and absolutely ridiculous to be honest. I’m actually expecting something catchier and more shocking arrangements from her new single but ‘Born Free’ absolutely disappoints. Although I’m still giving her the chance to blow me away with her new album.

No streaming of the mp3 will be available as of the moment. Meanwhile, catch this performance of the single back in 2009. We will update this page once the official music video has been released.



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6 responses to “M.I.A. – Born Free

  1. saywut

    i totally disagree. it’s extremely different for her, but it works. i love the Brit Rock elements, and the chorus is extremely catchy and Summery. it’s definately a grower. and i’m glad she didn’t go mainstream and stick with the same sound as Paper Planes. she expresses herself through her music beautifully, and this, for me, is the next step in the evolution of her as an artist. fantastic song.

  2. Lisa

    Idk but I like the track tooo!

  3. therickardnilsson

    What?! This puts M.I.A in to a position of one of the most interesting and creative artist of, at least, this decade. The Album “MAYA” is totally mind blowing! It might be a bit hard to listen to the firsat time, but that is just amazing! Now she totally knocks any “mainstream” concerns away … those who started liking her because of “catchy” tunes het a musical upper cut! And god I love that! I will for sure go looose to this track at this years Way Out West festival in Gothenburg (as she will be one of the main acts!)

  4. Rolando Urbina

    You’ve been listening to her since “Paper Planes”…enough said.

  5. el Omar

    Every time I hear this fatuous, pretentious waif caterwauling and screeching like an infantile banshee, I’ve got to ask, “How tone deaf do you have to be to think this is music?” She is no more than a third-rate rapper, and totally lacks any musicality whatsoever. The quarter-tone flat pitch is flaccid and inconsistent, resembling, more than anything else, the juvenile keening of snot-nosed, junior high school wannabes in a community center talent show. Get real. Send this airhead back to her millionaire husband and their palatial home in LA’s suburb of Brentwood, where she can squeeze out more babies. I’m sure she’s a fine mother.

  6. Mackenzie

    Ya, that’s just one song out of the whole album. It’s not the best to be a single but the entire album is amazing.

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