Single Review: Charm City Devils – Almost Home

The band formerly known as “Chosen Son” and “Forty Acres” decided to offer their single Almost Home as a free download in iTunes Indie Package which one could get if he is a fan of the iTunes page in Facebook. After pouncing on the opportunity to get the single for free, I decide to hear what the band from Baltimore, Maryland has to offer and honestly, I was left impressed.

Almost Home is part of the band’s debut album Let’s Rock n’ Roll. The sound that the track gives off may remind one of the classic rock tunes that were really dominant in the past. The lyrics are very sincere with vocalist John Allen’s raw emotion very evident as the track goes to its charming chorus. The guitar riffs are not that heavy. They are more of the smooth type that one could hear from alternative rock tunes. What makes the track even better is the vocal work done by Allen. The vocals give off a fresh vibe and they do shine out in that great chorus.
Ultimately, Almost Home ends up as a very good introductory track of sorts. The track successfully shows what the Maryland rock band has to offer. There really is nothing to complain as regards to the track. Everything in the track, the lyrics up to the guitar riffs, ended up as great. A very fine job done by the band. Kudos!
LABEL: Eleven Seven Music
This post was written by our resident contributor, Jio Canlas. You can check out his other works and reviews on his personal blog, The Reflective Inklings.

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