EP Review: Diana Vickers – Once

Looks like 2 years is definitely worth the wait eh? Miss Diana Vickers, the bubbly 17 year-old astounding singer we met on the X Factor two years ago is now 19 and packing up the success after her debut single, ‘Once’ became the official UK number 1 single this week. Her single, ‘Once’ is now available to purchase as a four-track EP. With four brand new songs in a single, who wouldn’t want that?

The EP opened with the #1 single, ‘Once’ which is more of an electro-rock smasher. Vickers lyricists are entirely brilliant as D.Vix puts a conviction on the rock-driven chorus ‘I’m Only Gonna Let You Kill Me Once’ – it’s a bit of a resemblance on her personal relationships with fellow X Factor contestant, Irish Eoghann Quigg. It’s not hard to ignore this 3 and a half-minute track that suggests she wanted to be a Girls Aloud member in the music video. She’s putting a lot of effort in her record which clearly shows in this smashing single.

Second track on the EP is ‘Sunlight’ which I think most of its listeners felt a sudden rush of cold breeze running down their spines. It’s subtle and offers Vickers’ amazing vocal riffs. It’s now a no brainer that this girl has one of the best voices ever – in pop history.

One of Vickers’ collaborations with Ellie Goulding, whom before was quite unknown to the masses is ‘Jumping Into Rivers’ it’s track that you would most likely hear while walking on a trail-park, biking under the shiny sun and gives you every bit of positivity. I think this is what Vickers’ will be known for. Putting smiles on every person’s faces – a bit of an opposite she gave us with ‘Once’.

The final track on the pack is the acoustic version of ‘Four Leaf Clover’. It’s quite ironic as I’ve never heard the standard version before but it suggests of a less melancholic feel. After giving us with a summery, effortless singing with ‘JIR’ and ‘Sunlight’, Vickers’ delivers another melancholic stunner. It’s one of the best songs I’ve heard so far this year and this gives me the idea of an artist that has what it takes to become somebody who’s not irritating, somebody whose presence you would love to see every time you pop out your music channels.  And you’ll be a hypocrite if you’re not excited over her debut album.

Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree is going to be available April 30th in Ireland and May 3rd in the UK.


RELEASED: April 19, 2010


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