DAILY BEAT: Kelly Rowland – Commander

So what does David Guetta and Kelly Rowland have in common? Well, they simply are great artists that when combined makes stunning collaborations. I’m certain Beyonce can kiss Kelly’s arse once she hears this shit right? ‘Commander’ is Kelly’s first official single from her upcoming album which is quite on the works now.

I’ve actually heard her perform this track on her live shows in Australia and I think they’re quite better than the studio version. But, the fact that she’s putting enough effort on her material – she deserves a big break and let Honey Bee rest for a while. ‘Commander’ is one of the sickest tracks to come out this year and with this, we are all excited about her material. I’m guessing there would be loads of David Guetta-produced tracks there? After all, they’re quite close to each other. Remember ‘When Love Takes Over’? Oh yeah. ‘Commander’ is deffo better than that.

P.S. Forgive me for the cover, I just made it out of boredom. Haha.

LISTEN TO ‘Commander’:


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One response to “DAILY BEAT: Kelly Rowland – Commander

  1. Leon

    Oh yeah. Its on fire

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