When Britney autotuned La GaGa – NOT! (it’s FAKE!)

It might not be new to you that ‘Telephone’, GaGa’s #1 hit is originally offered by GaGa to Britney for her album ‘Circus’ but recording executives on Britney’s part decided to turn it down. GaGa took it as her own and went on to seek Beyonce’s vocals for it. Now, a demo version of Britney singing ‘Telephone’ leaked and it’s monsterous. Absolutely disastrous – I must say.

I have to admit I like GaGa a lot and would take her anytime than that silly Britney. Brit’s version of ‘Telephone’ is absolutely agonising with loads of autotuning done. I mean, even it’s a demo I’m pretty sure if she released the track, there would still be heaps of autotuning to be done. I really can’t deny that ‘Telephone’ is my ultimate favourite track from Gaga but Britney doing it is just not right. Oh well, it’s my opinion guys. Britney fans can get a life and worship their bitch.

Listen to the joke yourself:

POST UPDATE: GimmeBritney (Official Australian Fansite of Britney Spears) has asked Sony Music about the ‘Telephone’ leak which made impact today on the internet.  The version that leaked is said to be an autotuned version of Lady GaGa’s solo demo version that surfaced the internet last week. Additional information also stated that only 7 people heard Britney sing ‘Telephone’ and that the recording was vaulted onto a safe. HAPPY MUCH? A bit yeah.

thanks to Derte for the cover. xx


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One response to “When Britney autotuned La GaGa – NOT! (it’s FAKE!)

  1. L.M.

    Naaaaaah. Gaga still wins anytime, even if I can’t stand her.

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