DAILY BEAT: Taio Cruz – Dynamite

Earlier this week, we featured a brand new Taio track which features Shayne Ward as guest vocals. I mean, we love some new Taio because he’s absolutely good at what he does and his success can be considered well deserved. Just recently, the 27 year-old English proved that the Brits can do good R&B too as he went #1 in the Billboard HOT 100 charts with ‘Break Your Heart’. Now, he is planning to release his first album to the international audience. His second UK album, ‘RokStarr‘ will be having a summer release in the US (June 1st) and to be followed by international releases as well.

A new track from his refurbished album, ‘RokStarr‘ is ‘Dynamite’. The track is rumoured to be the second single after ‘Break Your Heart’ and it’s nowhere far from the catchiness of ‘Break Your Heart’. Still following Taio’s signature productions, ‘Dynamite’ scores another unbelievably infectious beat coming from the Londoner. It’s no wonder he’s been starting to get known to the world music audience because of his talent. I mean, this track isn’t top calibre but it’s chart ready. Absolutely chart ready.


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