Album Review: Charice – ‘Charice’ [Listen to the LP in FULL]

FOREWORD: This review is based upon my opinion about the LP. Fuck off and get a life if you don’t intend to respect what you read. Again, I don’t have anything against this girl. Clear? – Crystal Clear.

Charice has been described as ‘the little girl with a big voice’ – that’s quite true and haters can hate about this lass. The Filipina singer is one of those artists that needed the help of YouTube to be able to feel the success they’re meant for. The girl went from being a reality show competition reject to an internet sensation that brought her to guest on massive tv shows across the globe. Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Paul O’Grady – you name it she might have starred in it. Now, with the help of Warner Brothers and her financers (ahem) Oprah Winfrey and David Foster namely Charice unleashes her debut album. Not for the Filipino audience but for the entire world to see. Currently, she’s striving to get big in the US as her self-titled debut CD alongside with her latest single, ‘Pyramid’ is being promoted this month.

For some reason, Charice embeds a bit of Goosebumps to everyone every time she belts out her Whitney covers – not that you have to be a fan of Whitney to appreciate it but hearing that voice coming from a little girl is such a fascinating thing. Well at least, for me. Her album sports 12 tracks on the standard edition that depicts emotions coming from relationships, family, friendship and anything you can think of what a young girl can experience – minus the sex of course.

PYRAMID (feat. Iyaz) (A-)

The album opens with the debut single, ‘Pyramid’ which features vocals from British Virgin Islander Iyaz. It’s quite intriguing why the single had 2 versions. The current version somehow sports an increase in tone compared to the first version that was made available to download on Amazon during the first week of its release. ‘Pyramid’ creates a really nice introduction about how she can really sound good at. It’s radio friendly, chart ready and totally appealing to everyone who hears it.


‘Reset’ is actually one of the better tracks in the LP. Sporting the same vibe ‘Pyramid’ has presented – it’s not dull, syrupy or even not to gimmicky except for the fact that includes a snippet of her first language, ‘Filipino’. The only thing negative about this song is the rap bridge which happens to sport the Filipino lyrics. She could’ve done it in full Filipino or just in English so it could not be that confusing. What’s good about this is that the writers are clever enough to use metaphors of a computer system to describe a broken relationship to rise from the ashes.


And the syrupy ballads started. ‘In This Song’ doesn’t clearly do much impact except from her incredibly high-pitched vocals and ala-American Idol-finale feeling it projects. It’s big yes, but lacked enough substance to make it as a good album track.


It actually seemed that it is a Ryan Tedder production for some moment. It’s definitely some Jordin Sparks would definitely sing. Again, she tries to be musical as she implied lyrics such as finding her melody, turning the radio up and eventually changing to an iPod. It’s good, and what’s surprising is that you may find that for some reason there’s a different artist singing in this track. Great vocal arrangement then.


Bollocks. Period.


During the course of the LP, you might actually notice she really likes to show off her vocal chops aren’t she? Surprisingly, it’s actually a nice pop song to begin with. Other than that, she eats her words in times that it’s hard to fathom the words she’s uttering. This is good but again, not good enough.


Sounds a bit of a rock production isn’t it? It’s surprising that this girl really sounded like an American for most parts of the LP. Again, this track sports a high-pitched vocal interpretation that for some point gets irritating already.


Bollocks again. Sorry.


Definitely one of the better tracks in the LP alongside Reset and Pyramid – it possesses a teen-popstar attitude. It has beautifully controlled vocals (a bit surprising, yeah?) and this definitely fits her personality as artist although I’m still confused as of the moment. It’s chart-ready, very pop but still not unique.


Please stop this.


Sounds a whole lot of crap. Next track please.


Finally, something better to finish of the album. And yes, it’s a cover. The track is considered her first promotional single. If I may remember she launched it on the Oprah Show. ‘Note To God’ peaked at #44 in the Billboard HOT 100 based on Digital sales alone. Well, the Dianne Warren written track is brilliant, hair-raising and it seemed like it’s a gospel track, which I find totally pleasing.

In the end, I get why Charice was signed with a  record deal. The mad vocals are definitely overflowing yet sometimes it may sound a bit in dire need of chopping off. There were high points in the album but there were absolutely a lot of let downs. There might be a couple of hits here but if you really dig deep enough you’ll find a lot of points to improve on. Having said that, we should commend her for doing such a great job singing these songs – and admit it, with that voice she can do a whole lot better.

RELEASED: May 11, 2010 (US), May 7, 2010 (Australia and New Zealand)

LABEL: Reprise Records

DOWNLOAD THIS: Pyramid, Reset, Nothing, Nobody’s Singin’ To Me


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81 responses to “Album Review: Charice – ‘Charice’ [Listen to the LP in FULL]

  1. rihannagirl

    I love this album! I soo wanna buy this… by the way, she will be at Oprah this May 11 Tuesday with Justin Beiber!

  2. jeff

    Dude you are 19 thats why you “don’t get” the ballad love songs. You don’t know what true love is. Not bashing you but just saying that more “experienced” people understand the messages in songs like “Truth Is” and “All I need to Survive”. And “In this Song” does have substance. If you know anything about Charice’s life you would know this.

    • Oh yeah like you’re so experienced at it.

      • jeff

        yes I am. Are you married? Did you ever have a serious relation? Did you ever lose your lover to death? I think not.

      • Oh well, too bad for you then.

      • jeff

        did you ever have to sing in a contest just to have enough money for your next meal? And then lose not because you couldn,t sing but because the judges thought you didnt have that look? Did you have to face ridicule from your classmates because you lost? Did your father ever try to kill your mother?

        No “In this song” has a TON of meaning if you know Charices story

      • Well, I’m a critic and I don’t really put attention to finding meaning to songs. It’s about musicality, how it sounds and how will it appeal to the masses. Of course, you’re a fan so you’d say that. And you don’t have to experience things like that in order for you to be strong in life. Keep that in mind. It’s her story, not mine.

    • noelbd


  3. why you gave “C” on “Thank you”? Its my fave also the “I love You”, All that I need to survive”, Nobody singin to me, The truth is, OMG, all of it! hehe
    I gave her album an “A” its a real music and real singing.
    every song in the album is very chanting,, they have their own target audience…
    the song might not be a hit for you but to others its best song…
    also the album is very entertaining it has different feel in every song… a music that fits the entire family, from the youngest to the oldest…
    alot of artist today cant do music that fits the different ages…
    this album for me has all that features… very interesting album…

  4. i think its too early for the review, hahaha
    the album is not release yet…
    you downloaded the leaked songs…
    the leak ones are not at its best quality… haha
    songs played on oprah site is better than the leaked songs..
    i find these review not good… you should be listening to it over & over until you’ll find its real score…

  5. enzo

    well people have different preferences over things specially in music, my top pick.

    1. Nobody’s Singin’ To Me
    2. Pyramid
    3. Thank You
    4. Reset
    5. Note To God
    6. I Love You
    7. Nothing

    The rest of the tracks are just okay, except for the Truth Is its my least favorite among all of the tracks.

    I have to disagree with you though, I think Nobody Singin To Me should have been released as a single.

  6. bluedanube

    however, plz don’t bash the host for spending his time, listening through the album, and writing a long review!
    thanks for that, and for liking still a couple of songs.

  7. Webber

    Thanks for the honest review. I can tell you’re a Charice fan. Different strokes for different folks! I noticed you rated down the slow songs so that indicates that’s probably now your type of music and want something faster, more current-sounding and edgier. i personally love Nothing and The Truth Is (and Pyramid of course) which couldn’t be more different.

    why the disclaimer at the beginning? is it for hardcore diehard charice fans who may attack you for posting your OPINION which doesn’t align with theirs? haha just ignore.

    • deffo. I like Charice don’t get me wrong but the image they’re trying to give her doesn’t work for me. She can do a lot better as I said.

  8. Webber

    i meant to say “that’s probably NOT your type of music”

  9. 20LANYC10

    Don’t mind those who keep questioning your reviews, man. It’s actually a pretty good assessment to her album especially from the age demographic that she’s really trying to penetrate. I gotta disagree though, when it comes to THANK YOU & DID IT FOR YOU. Those tracks sound great. Lot of pain in DID IT FOR YOU. THANK YOU has a lot of emotion, something that you’d use for a slideshow or a movie trailer. I don’t dig THE TRUTH IS too much and IN THIS SONG is pretty good. Not exactly Top 40 tracks, but more meant for softrock. IN THIS SONG & THANK YOU could be the next CLIMB though. Charice’s vocal chops are nothing short of amazing and I believe if & when she decides to collab with more artists just like Iyaz, she’ll keep gaining more and more fans. In today’s society (sadly), people are addicted to songs like Kesha’s or Lady Gaga’s, things that are repetitive or sing about drugs & sex. I think with the upbeat songs that Charice has in her album, she will gain even more fans and hit the Top 40 radio stations easily. I’m convinced that she won’t fade out of the limelight anytime soon and her debut album will definitely hit the Billboard charts. To the reviewer, check out the deluxe edition of her album when you get the chance. BREATHE YOU OUT & ARE WE OVER are the extra tracks.

  10. jeff

    Why review an album with 50% ballad songs if you dont like ballad songs? Weird.

    • I’ll write what I want. Review your own and I’ll not care.

      • jess

        Were you expecting to all of a sudden like ballad songs? You should have just reviewed the fast songs. You are obviously not qualified to review ballads since its quite clear that you HATE ballads. This is like a person allegic to chocolate who writes a review about a Chocolate Cake.

  11. kikiko

    Dude, u dont know anything…ur opinion dont matter here in america!

  12. Fly N Dance

    i get u man, ur type of music is the “in” nowadays, maybe u’re looking for rihanna/lady gaga/kesha materials, but then this is Charice’s album, of course she’ll definitely have ballad songs, most of her fanbase dig the strong ballads, and pop would be for the younger ones like us..well i appreciate ballads also, i love thank u and all i need to survive.

    anyway, thanks for the review, btw, added tracks were upbeat. check it out.

    • Oh not really man. It’s just that I don’t think she can win it all the way by just doing ballads. I’ve said it before give her amazzinnng songs and she’ll be big.

  13. Bored_silly_fool

    oh yeah? itunes? LOL.. LOL.. LOL.. itunes are accepting pre-orders only as of the moment. stop fooling around. admit it, u downloaded leaked songs. be real man, im not bashing your album/song reviews. i have nothing against your insights.

  14. Styles

    Thank you for an honest review. Personally, I don’t mind the ballads, but I understand where you are coming from in the context of giving her material that would be more up beat and suitable for her age. I guess David Foster is really trying to live up to his strategy of capturing a market that is qualified by an age bracket of 8 to 88. I do not know if the latter is realistic as the youth are not into ballads. I guess only time will tell. By the way, I liked all songs – especially “In Love So Deep” lol.

  15. tj

    I love the album, i like all types of music, ballads, pop/rnb, i’m surprise, she’s very versitile, from note to god, to nothing, i love you, did it for you, in love so deep, thank you.. lol every songs sounded a little different to me, i like that alot in a singer… the songs didn’t sound like one another which is great. my least favorite is in this song, i like the meaning of the song, and david foster wrote it for Charice but i just can’t get into it… my top 5 would be. 1 pyramid. 2. i love you. 3 did it for you. 4 in love so deep. 5 nothing.
    i’m looking forward to hearing “breathe you out” “are we over” and the “did it for you” colab with drew ryan scott.. thanks for the review. I love the album, don’t mind the negative comments you get..thanks for the review.

  16. 19yroldmusicexpert

    My review the following musicians:

    Girls Aloud
    Marina & The Diamonds
    Ellie Goulding
    Snow Patrol
    Little Boots

    They all sound a whole lot of crap. Next artist please.
    That’s it…Great review isn’t it???

    read it all here at


  17. Gelvik

    Thanks for your honest review. What can you say about the remix version? its no.1 Billboard Dance Chart May 22.

  18. Zoe101

    Thanks for the honest review Bro! Keep it up! Thanks for the info abt!

  19. Zoe101

    i like some of Charice songs in this album but not all…maybe will download some but not the entire

  20. Zaf

    Is this review based on what you know musically or on what you think people should hear ?
    Did you base this review on a certain album standard or it is just your opinion?

  21. StevenLA

    “His favourite musicians are Girls Aloud, Marina & The Diamonds, Delphic, Ellie Goulding, Snow Patrol, Muse and Little Boots among others.”

    Never heard. Not even in top 1000 Billboard right now.

    • Oh well. They’re amazin’ British artists that didn’t need to be big in the US to be called brilliant. Listen to their music, I dare you.

  22. Ed

    Australian audience(esp youth) are not into balad, they are more into punk techno type of music (not remixes much). Also, they love to bash international artist having concerts in their country, such as Britney Spears, Seal, Beyonce and Whitney Houston. The media’s are crazy sometimes. Only pink survived. Why, I think because of the demographical issues. Australian doesn’t have that much music trend parallel to US.

    American audience should stop bashing the person made the review. Just like what I’ve said beforehand, Australian youth are more into punk, techno beat. If you try to look at their charts(such as triple J’s) most bands are from New Zealand and British, so they have a different type of a music. Just like China (which by the way quite weired, no offense). We have our own preferences. It’s nice to know “he” likes some of the music Charice and other collaborating artist’s work upon.
    Charice needs reviews such as this, its up for the audience who’s credible and who’s not. Are they interesting people from all over the world make reviews on your idol with different taste and different culture?

    America and most of Asia will love the album of Charice as you try to read other reviews being unfold but in Australia….nah…. not really.

    Trust me, I’m from Australia…
    cheers mate!

    • Well said. I’m Filipino btw and I don’t like it that much but it doesn’t mean I’m not supporting her or anything. And yes, she might do well in the US, but the rest of the world won’t appreciate her that much.

    • jess

      Austrialia is such a small market. I dont even think David Foster is even concerned with that market AT ALL.

  23. OK so I stop reading the comments section for a few days and THIS happens? HOMG.

    I gotta defend Ken. I think? There’s so much to say! Oh well, I better get it over with.

    Yes, music is half heard and half felt (I know that from experience), but the hearing is just as important as the feeling – they’re 2 equal and important factors of music. Ken’s focus on this review is the hearing, as are most respected reviews, so to approach it with an emphasis on “experience”, “feeling” and whatnot is a little illogical, don’t you think?

    Just because a singer has a “big” voice, doesn’t mean he/she should sing ballads most of the time – I HATE it when labels and A&R execs do that to an act capable of much, much more because it’s stupid, it’s overused and do we really want another big voice belting out a Whitney cover? Gimme a break. I’m not saying ballads should be wiped off the face of the earth, I’m saying that they’re not the only types of songs for “big” voices.

    And a “special” mention to the guy who said something about the Billboard Top 1000 or whatever – dude, just because something’s on a chart doesn’t mean it’s good, it just means a lot of copies were sold. Quantity doesn’t always mean quality.

    To put my 2 cents into this, I’ll admit that I’m NOT a Charice fan – never have been, never will be. It’s my personal preference, deal with it. I hate that David Foster is pretty much the one “steering” her career because let’s face it, what has David Foster done? He wrote “The Prayer” and a gazillion other songs, yeah, but were they actually any good musically?

    But an opinion is an opinion. So whatever.

    • Bloomin’ eck! Pretty much said everything these cunts needed to realise. Thanks for spending your time putting your 2 cents on this. I really do appreciate it. 🙂

    • jess

      What has David Foster done? What about winning 15 grammys which is the second most all time by a producer.

      So you are not a fan of Charice. So why are you here? Why are you even interested in the album if you are not going to listen to it or buy it? Are you here just to bash her?

  24. chafan

    I’ll admit it — I’ve been captivated by Charice’s voice & stage presence since the day I saw her Star King video on You Tube (pre-Ellen). I am a super fan and have gone “above & beyond” (in ways I dare not say here) to support her career. Unfortunately, many fans (including ones who have posted comments here) are unable to separate a critical review of Charice’s album (choice of songs and performance thereof) from criticism (in the pejorative sense) of Charice personally.

    I’ve seen Charice perform three times & have never been disappointed. I’m afraid I have to agree with much of what this reviewer has written, though. Let me first focus on the good. I concur that “Reset” is one of the better songs on the album. It grabbed me right away; I think it has much broader appeal than many of the other songs. As the reviewer notes, it’s catchy & the computer simile is creative. If I had to pick one song to push as the next single, this would be it. Another song that I believe is worthy of special attention is available only on the “deluxe” version sold via QVC shopping channel — “Fingerprint.” Videos of Cha’s live performance are on You Tube; I never understood why the studio version (which has been “in the can” for over a year) wasn’t released. Now it is & I think it could be a hit. I also think that the production of all of the songs is outstanding. (No surprise here.)

    Now to my two negatives (again, these are my opinions). First, too many of the songs are geared to young teen girls who still have unrealistically idealized beliefs about love, not to and “8 to 80” age demographic. Second, I’m not sure I like the change in the timbre of Cha’s voice — compare it to her performances of “Listen” and “I Will Survive” and you’ll hear the difference. I’d prefer that the former were used only for the “pop”-type songs and the latter for the more straight-ahead ballads. Finally, I agree with the reviewer that a song should stand on its own & not be dependent on whether one knows the singer’s personal history.

    In closing, the Romans said it best “De gustabilis non est disputandum” — “There’s no arguing about taste.”

    • hassd

      girl, mas magaling ka pang magreview kesa sa may ari ng blog na ito. you make more sense.

      apply ka ng content writer ng 19 year old na blogger na itetch!

  25. hassd


    ngek. akala ko naman tong binabasa kong reviews dito may credibility at talagang notable yung mga nag rereview ng mga albums. tang ina pilipinong 19 years old lang pala hahah!napeke ako dun! haha what a waste of time 😉

    anyways, maganda yan at least may pinagkaka abalahan ka imbes na nag da drugs! hahah!

    review lang ng review kahit kyeme kyeme lang! haha!

    • Hey there! Thanks for that preposterous comment. Do you need to be notable or anything to review albums? I assume you’re one of the die-hard Charice fans who would attack bloggers if they don’t like what they see or read about Charice – well I’ve said my piece and I don’t care if any of the people here commenting have better opinions. I’m an amateur blogger and that’s a fact. Let’s see if your professional or ‘notable’ reviewers would rate Charice’s album top calibre. Anyway, thanks again for dropping by, it’s actually my pleasure. 🙂

    • Pinoy rin ako, mas bata pa ako kay Ken at nagsusulat rin ako. So ano ako sa yo, walang silbi? Tanga? Pwede ba, ‘di lang dahil “pilipinong 19 years old LANG PALA” or something like that ang isang tao, wala na siyang karapatang magsulat at magsulat ng mabuti? Nakakabanas kapag may taong nanliliit ng iba dahil lang “bata pa sila”, nakakabanas talaga.

      *sigh* I’ve tried to keep my cool and I’m sorry Ken for turning TBR into a battleground AGAIN, but arghhhh.

  26. bente_uno12

    you dont have a life that’s why you made a biased, self-owned review

  27. chibiten

    Thank you for giving a fair review of the album. 🙂 I’m a fan of hers but I also think that she can give us so much more. I’m hoping for even better things in the future.

  28. i am a big fan of Charice from the first day i saw her youtube video (korea).

    but do i hate you for this review. NO! far from it. you have your standards, your own biases and your own preference, this is just your opinion and i respect you for it. i suppose others who are as big of a fan as myself, should also do the same.

    does your critique change my views on Charice or her album, or her talent. NO WAY! I worked in the music industry both in the PHilippines and abroad for almost 2 decades and I know a good artist when I hear one. Charice is exceptional. She touches the heart. Not just entertains the ear.

    i am glad you didn’t hear the first album some crappy producer in the philippines made for her for Star Records… i guess you would have killed yourself……

    anyway, we are happy her album is finally out and YES it going to the TOP baby!

  29. jonx

    i would understand why charice fanatics hate it when somebody attacks their idol.. i am a filipino too and for a filipino to be able to penetrate the US music industry is something for us to be proud of…it is not easy to compete there…MAHIRAP… and for the first time.. after too many artists who attempted to be noticed..dumating si charice..she may not be as famous as beyonce or lady gaga..but i think its good least kahit papano magbago na rin paningin ng ibang nationalities sa mga pilipino..especiallly americans… – it gives us a feeling of self worth as a country.. we all know that pinoys abroad are treated as third class..

    let us all set aside our intelligent views on the album..set aside tastes and biases..but rather promote charice as a filipino nation…we cant tell, this may be the last.. or a start of many filpino artists conquering the global music scene.

    just support her just like we support manny pacman..i’m sure there’ll be a lot of criticisms from the music experts in the next few days , weeks,it may be good or harsher than this blogger..most may not like it…we cant please everyone..and i’m sure charice with all the support she gets from oprah and david is still skeptic if she can make it…if how long will she’ll be able to prolong this dream of hers…

    Lets just think positive.. this is not just about charice and his talent.. this is about us kaya pala natin.. that we cannot afford to be second or third class cicizens

    thanks to charice and pacman..for slowly changing the image of the philippines..PEACE!

    • I respect your opinion on this, but strongly disagree with you – supporting Charice just because she’s Filipino is irrational for me. Yeah sure she might put a foot in the door for other artists, but I refuse to put my support and adoration behind an artist I DON’T EVEN THINK IS ANY GOOD – that’s just like saying “oh let’s support this band who don’t even play their own instruments or write their own songs because they’re Pinoy”, it’s stupid. I wouldn’t want my country to be known for someone I don’t even like, because other country’s impressions of us will be “tarnished” so to say so no, I won’t “set aside tastes and biases” just because Charice might “open doors” for us or whatever. And besides, who the hell cares if we break the US or not – I don’t understand our fixation with all this “global” crap, it doesn’t change the quality of the music. I mean yeah being noticed by a bigger audience is what every artist wants, but attempting to crack the US JUST BECAUSE is pretty stupid as well.

      • Cancarother

        I do not like where you’re coming from Ms. Nikki-know-it-all. The way you are basing all your comments is pre-judgmental. It could have been acceptable comment if it was based on a wait-and-see attitude. When Jonx said let’s support Charice (being Filipino) that is an appeal. Because he BELIEVED in her, first off. How were you able to conclude that Charice “is not good enough” therefore she dont get your support. For all I know, all she need is one great song because she has the talent. Do you not understand why Jonx ask for support? It’s because Charice is Asian & Filipino not a super sexy mestiza with oozing talent that no one can ignore. You have no iota of an idea why a Filipino need tremendous support in THAT business -Nada, nil, zip. And I am so depressed that one like you, who did not even wait, see and understand why she need support, will say it’s stupid to support her because she’s Pinay%. Jonx is just short of saying “if you BELIEVE in her and MORESO if you’re Pinoy – Lets support Charice.” Young Nikki, we dont need you because you are a selfish ,judgmental person who dont know anything about social disorder when it comes to color of the skin. Sad facts. But that’s the way the world is. I support Charice because I KNEW she need it. If it is was a college entrance exam or a spelling bee contest or Math and Science competition, yes, she don’t need support but herself. But Music business is different world my lady. Open your mind and wait and see.

  30. marie

    I hope you really listened to the whole album… hehehe…
    I’d like to hear your review of the songs “Breath You Out” and “Are We Over” which are included in the Deluxe version of Charice’s album..=) and even a review in “Fingerprint” which is included in the QVC version of Charice’s album!

  31. OMG. Filo flips are really over eager when it comes to supporting Charice lmao.

    First, the album was released prior in Australia, so Ken is not a lying bastard like you portray him to be.

    Second, the album is quite generic tbh, and that’s coming from a Charice fan. There are good tracks (Nothing, Reset, Nobody Singin’ To Me, Pyramid, Note to God) but all the others can go straight to the bin. It’s full of sleazy bland anthems that do not cultivate to her potentials. She even sounds like a cheap second-rate Jordin Sparks/JoJo.

    Third, everyone is entitled to his OWN f**king opinion. This is Ken’s site, he can say whatever he wants, whatever he feels or whatever he thinks about something. If you disagree, go start your own blog and rant all you want.

    Fourth, it’s okay to be patriotic but it doesn’t do good all the time. I’ll give you a fact. A few radio stations in the US removed ‘Pyramid’ from their playlists because of Filo peeps who over-request the song every day and/or request in a station who’s cover area they do not live in. And that’s why the song is still stuck in FLOPsville (#44 in Top 40 Airplay after 3 months of release) up till now. So you should also stop flooding sites who do not give Charice a favorable review. As I said, they are entitled to their own freaking opinion. And stop all these bullsh*t “Let’s all unite for Charice”. Ugh, it makes me sick. There are far more important things than having a successful Filipina in mainstream music.

    And btw Ken, congrats with the record-breaking 56 comments Ken lol. xD

    • jonx

      are you a filipino?

    • Styles

      With the exception of this creature called Cardcrusher (who seems to be out to promote hatred and therefore should be attacked at all levels) I totally agree with your assessment in the context of some over zealous fans who feel a need to attack anyone who says negative things about Charice. Personally, I thought this review was very positive and balanced.

      With regard to Charice, let us not forget she is working with David Foster who is known in the industry for trying to make music for all ages. As I stated previously, I really do not know how this will play out in the US/Canada market. It may be successful in Asia and Europe, but I have my concerns regarding North America. And let us face it, until Charice can truly control her own destiny, she will have to abide with DF’s decisions. I really believe Charice wants to sing those upbeat songs (like Justin Bieber’s Baby) but that she realizes she can’t really impose herself too much as a new artist. In this respect, any negative comments regarding the Album should really be directed to you know who as Charice was simply the vocal representation of his production. I personally liked all the songs, but I am not a teenager.

      At the end of the day, the numbers will rule the day. If Charice, breaks records in Asia and Europe – but not in North America, I believe the Charice team will be happy cause that will mean $$$.

      To you crazy Chasters chill out!. The reviews you should attack are the one’s that have no substance and are more personal than professional like this idiot Cardcrusher reflectiveinklings and this other moron called Stonegrenades.

      • Styles

        You really can’t make a point without resorting to ad hominems, can’t you?

        BTW, Charice’s single is almost out of the Hot 100 chart. By next week, her album will probably be around 180-200 on the Billboard 200. The numbers and charts will reflect what the market’s opinion about Charice is.

  32. Charister

    I actually agree with the review but to tell you the truth I am more cynical with this album. Honestly I was disappointed. I actually expected better. In my opinion this album is just average for me. For this to be successful she really need her fans to support her or she will just be a flash in the pan. Comparing her to Lady Gaga is like comparing it to apples and oranges. Lady Gaga is far superior in terms of originality and the type of music intended for a wide array of audiences. Charice needs to do better and step out of the box to make it big in the music industry.

  33. chafan

    hassd — I wish you had written in English so that I could understand your reply to my comment. (Not all Chasters are Filipino.) The only Tagalog I understand is “marami salamat po” and “mabuhay.” And, just in the interest of full disclosure, I’m a man whose age is nearer the “80” end of the “8 to 80” spectrum than the “8” end.

  34. Some of the comments here demonstrate why and how Charice (& her fanbase) slowly accumulate haters and enemies all over the net. This is Ken’s turf, and he is entitled to air out his views that some here obviously can’t tolerate.

    If it’s any consolation, the LA Times reviewer got more mud thrown at him by Charice fans who didn’t agree with his review. I suggest you read the comments for the lulz:

  35. Styles

    Cardcrusher, why don’t you get a life? You are a pathetic writer who wonders all over the cyber world spreading your subjective negative banter about Charice using different names. You even go to the extent of having conversations with yourself in an attempt to make it look like you have supporters – lol (sock puppetry isn’t that what you call it – lol). People, here is her response to me when she could not address my argument in an effective manner, “BLAH BLAH BLAH. All I have to offer are ad hominems and attacks on those with views I don’t share.” I rest my case.

  36. PIC

    I’m an avid fan of charice and definitely love every single track in her album. But I do respect and appreciate your time and effort for making such a review.. (kanyan kanyang taste and opinion lang to) :))

  37. jess

    What an aweful review. A guy who does not like Adult Contemporary music reviewing an AC album? Then he says he does not like the AC songs? Seriously. Stick with review music genre you actually like.

    • jess

      Also looking at the list of the Music he does like one thing is very clear: this reviewer is a 1%. In other words his taste in music is very, should I say different. Charice is trying to target a broad audience. Basically she is not targeting the reviewer who has a 1% taste in music. I’d put much more value in someone whos music taste is more in line with the albums target audience. I applaud your efforts but again I’ll say it:

      Your review is like a someone who is allergic to chocolate (ballads) but is reviewing a Chocolate Cake.

      • jed dls

        Hey I am fan of Charice too!!! I don’t agree about some of the reviews and ratings to each song, but come on, it’s this critic’s honest review. I either accept it or go find another favorable review.

        This album is not just about Charice, but it is a collaboration of highly respected people in the music industry. It’s enough for me that these big names believe in her the same way I do. The album, I think, has substance (neither funny-teeny shallow nor over-seriously boring). These great people have put a lot of work to it and so I believe that it will become successful.

  38. Charister

    Like I expected her album debuted at #8 on billboard top 100 but now its drastically dropping off the charts. Her fans really need to support her if she is to last in the music industry. She needs to do better on her next album if she has another oppurtunity in producing one. The music industry is very unforgiving you can be hot one moment and then you’re out like so many singers who aspired to be great. I really hate to say it but chances are against her favor. She needs to step out of the box like Madonna to last in the business. This could be her first and only album and then poof never hear from her again although I heard she is joining the tv series “Glee” real soon. This might help with her exposure.

  39. bluedanube

    there’s so much activity, and still ongoing and growing, concerts almost daily, radio guestings with live singing, many local media (in many countries) are reporting nicely about charice.
    and asian artists know how to make a living on live gigs and talent fee.
    warner have another leg in the door with charice and her competence on local and regional events. plus door as in door to the asian world, because david foster will extend his “friends” tour to asia.
    what I am saying, I believe the charice project to the music industry and DF as one of their icons is feasible.
    better albums sales would be a bliss but isn’t the last litmus test.

    • Charister

      Although Charice has a lot of ongoing gigs. There was a Filipina who won a talent show on American TV called Star Search. Her name was “Banig”. She was somewhat popular and guested on some highly rated shows such as “Arsenio” and many others. She even recorded an Album but went nowhere. Sorry to say it but when you ask anyone who “Banig” is chances are they will not know. Charice could end up in the same predicament. I hate to say it. America is not particularly fond of Asian singers. If you are white or black you have a better chance of succeeding in the music industry. It’s just the way it is. It’s all White or black in America.

  40. oh my god! The Truth is and All I need to survive are my super favor song! i love them so much, but a bit disappointed when i knew that some people didn’t even like them. i am Charice solid fan! why? because of her true ability in singing and her characteristic. she can sing all genres of music (my idea toward her because i have watched most of her video in Utube). still in love with Charice Album… 🙂

  41. MrD

    Well to Charice fans, you should be thankful someone who doesnt like Ballad, actually took time to review Charice album, isnt that saying something? That means instead of him giving Charice a “D” he gave it a “B” Above average if I’ll translate if hes being bias, he would ve givent it straight F or D. So think about it, like he said you cant please everybody. Also about Australians not liking ballads I think it depends on the song really, if the SONG is GREAT its hard for it to be ignored. Just like charice. So just think think think, this person is reviewing something that hes not very into but still gave it a B.

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