DAILY BEAT: Katy Perry is a hot ‘California Gurl’

Katy Pee is actually one of the better artists to come out in the last two years. She has the attitude, the voice and the style to perfectly fit herself into the drought the pop music world has been experiencing. ‘I Kissed A Girl’ is an absolute treat as well as ‘Hot and Cold’ and ‘Wake Me Up in Vegas’ – the success of Katy is pretty well much deserved as she can be dubbed as one of the coolest pop stars of her generation.

After nearly a year after the release of her previous single, Katy is back with a new album. It is still untitled as of the moment and will feature the first single off the album. ‘California Gurls’ – is one heck of a summer anthem. The track featuring Snoop Dogg doesn’t involve clever lyrics but does depict of everything fun about being a girl bred from California. It’s a perfect summer song and might just be Katy’s biggest hit IMHO. Although I have to agree that this track can resemble a Ke$ha track, it’s a no brainer Katy’s absolutely better than that rubbish tramp. She doesn’t need autotune to sound great – and that’s what I love the most about her. Wicked!



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2 responses to “DAILY BEAT: Katy Perry is a hot ‘California Gurl’

  1. I’m not too happy when she’s out with IKAG since it’s kinda driving all those “faux homo” thingy going on but yeah, Hot and Cold is brilliant!
    This song brings it to another whole new level of fun pop! Eff off Ke”dolla-sign”ha, your replacement period is over. Haha, #1 song fo’sure! Go Katy!

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