M.I.A.’s new single, ‘XXXO’ – F*cking brilliant.

Her single covers are still awful.

Sorry for the language there. I just got so ecstatic about this. It’s almost the end of summer from where I live but the real summer is just heating up. There are so many releases that people are getting excited about this year that almost a lot of them are fucking brilliant. Maya Arulpragasam, more commonly known as M.I.A. is back again with a smashing hit. After giving us the undeniably shocking ‘Born Free’ along with it’s eccentric music video about violence here she comes with something rather pop brilliance. ‘XXXO’ is the new single from MIA’s yet to be titled new album to be released this year.

‘XXXO’ challenges the anathema provided by ‘Born Free’ and delivers a certain pop/electronic track that pretty much deviates most of her compositions even from her previous 2 albums that laments a certain impact about cultural, mundane issues that no other artist dare to inspire. Even though ‘XXXO’ may seem a lot pop-ish – Maya never failed to bring about her piece. She sings in a bit of resentment- ‘You want me be somebody I’m really not’.

The music video is set to be filmed soon with the director being Hype Williams. It has got to be effin’ brilliant as well.

M.I.A.’s new album will have a release date of June 29th with the album title expected to be stated soon.


LABEL: XL Records, Interscope US


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