Kylie’s new single and ‘Aphrodite’ track listing

So, are you all excited early today about Kylie’s new trailer single? I bet you are. Miss Minogue’s latest single, ‘All The Lovers’ received it’s first ever radio airplay on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Chris Moyles’ show. Along with that is the release of more details about Kylie’s upcoming CD, ‘Aphrodite’ to be released July 5th in the UK.

Actually, I’m quite not sure about the lead single’s appeal though. ‘All The Lovers’ is a true gem but I really find it hard to appreciate the track during the first few plays. Even though I may not be a massive, Kylie follower – I’ve been a fan of her music starting the early 2000’s. Although ‘All The Lovers’ isn’t my piece of cake at the moment – I’m pretty sure there are going to be heaps of amazing tracks on her new album which I assume since I totally loved ‘X’ back in 2007.

Miss Minogue’s new CD will feature 12 new tracks with productions / contributions from some of the biggest names in POP music – from Scissor Sisters to Calvin Harris. Come on, it’s going to be massive I tell you.

The official track listing alongside production, writing credits are as follows:

‘All The Lovers’
Written by Jim Elliot & Mima Stilwell
Produced by Jim Eliot
Additional production and mix by Stuart Price

‘Get Outta My Way’
Written by Cutfather, Lucas Secon, Damon Sharpe, Peter Wallevik, Daniel Davidsen & Mitch Hansen
Produced by Cutfather, Peter Wallevik & Daniel Davidsen
Co-produced by Damon Sharpe, Lucas Secon & Stuart Price

‘Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)’
Written by Fin Dow-Smith, The Nervo Girls
Produced by Starsmith. Co-produced by Stuart Price. Additional vocal production by Nervo.
Mixed by Starsmith and Stuart Price

Written by Stuart Price & Beatrice Hatherley
Produced and mixed by Stuart Price

‘Everything Is Beautiful’
Written by Fraser T Smith & Tim Rice-Oxley
Produced and mixed by Fraser T Smith

Written & produced by Nerina Pallot & Andy Chatterley
Additional production and mix by Stuart Price

Written by Kylie Minogue & Stuart Price
Produced and mixed by Stuart Price

‘Better Than Today’
Written and produced by Nerina Pallot & Andy Chatterley
Additional production and mix by Stuart Price

‘Too Much’
Written by Kylie Minogue, Calvin Harris & Jake Shears
Produced and mixed by Calvin Harris

‘Cupid Boy’
Written by Sebastian Ingrosso, Magnus Lidehall, Nick Clow & Luciana Caporaso
Produced and mixed by Stuart Price, Sebastian Ingrosso & Magnus

‘Looking For An Angel’
Written by Kylie Minogue and Stuart Price
Produced and mixed by Stuart Price

‘Can’t Beat The Feeling’
Written by Hannah Robinson, Pascal Gabriel, Borge Fjordheim, Matt Prime & Richard X
Produced by Stuart Price, Pascal Gabriel & Borge Fjordheim.
Mixed by Stuart Price

(as of now)

*I ASSURE YOU, this might be a GROWER on me and a few more plays will lead me to overplaying it. Bonza!


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One response to “Kylie’s new single and ‘Aphrodite’ track listing

  1. Alison

    More listens! 😉

    It is a gorgeous, uplifting slice of pure dance pop perfection. I really think at this point, no track would satisfy everyone. If it were more layered and electro she’d be accused of trying too hard or worse, “copying GaGa”. *shudder*

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