Cody Simpson: Australia’s answer to Justin Bieber – is he any good?

Well, not exactly Australia’s answer but kind of looks like it is. Cody Simpson, raised in Australia’s Gold Coast is trying his luck in the US. The then 12-year-old YouTube discovery who covered tracks by Jason Mraz, Justin Timberlake and the Jacksons. Just this April, Cody now 13 signed with one of the biggest record labels, Atlantic Records immediately collaborated with Flo Rida, Frankie, B Major and Colby O’Donis on his debut single.

The debut single, ‘Iyiyi’ which features rapping vocals from labelmate Flo Rida is expected to hit US digital stores this Summer. Personally, I’m not actually digging the track because it sounds like a left-over Justin Bieber track and ‘Iyiyi’ a single name? Come on, you’ve got to think something better than this. But oh well, maybe some will like it , some might not. But I’m rooting for this kid to hit puberty first than Bieber. Who’s with me?

Listen to Cody’s debut single to be released June 1st on iTunes US.



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20 responses to “Cody Simpson: Australia’s answer to Justin Bieber – is he any good?

  1. Sheridan

    I love him ! I love this song, trust me people over here in Australia love him. Give him a chance. And it’s not his fault he is like Justin Bieber, yeah he sounds like him, what is he going to change the sound of his voice? He wants a career, stop comparing him to j.b, I think Cody wants to build a career, not be compared to another artist.

  2. he has tthe most prettiest eyes on the planet!!! and he has the nicest hair cut for a boy!!!he is talanted in the voice!!! and….. ashlee think of what your saying well any way im his number one fan

  3. and he is soo much better than justin bieber

  4. he sounds like a wannabe justin bieber. he should poo in his hand, rub it in his face, then go look into a mirror and then he will see the face of failure.

  5. Tania

    Hi I just think this kid is awsome. I’m 11 so is perfect for me!!

    I’m going to queensland soon. I would like to meet him!

    I vote CODY!!!

  6. frannypiejb

    I am Australian and cant stand that Iyiyi song its sooo annoying and just a rip off of the BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD aka JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! I am sooo his #1 fan, ok and no one in my area nows who Cody is anyway they all no Justin Bieber… xoxo

  7. Elisa

    OMG He looks like a mini-Sting! He’s so cute! Alot better look then Bieber – who looks like a lesbian.
    This song is catchy, but I think he should listen to some The Police songs to find inspiration.

  8. Justin Bieber is quite talented at a very young age, he sings good too ,”~

  9. caitlyn

    he is so hot!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lily

    This guy is my wallpaper on my phone!!! He is so awesome!
    I have all his songs on my iPod!!!!!!!! He so beats Justin Bieber

  11. Lily

    They should stop comparing him to Justin Bieber. It is so annoying.

  12. I think cody is so cut than jbee. Jbee is gay

  13. I meant cute and hot!

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