Single Review: Sky Ferreira – 17

It’s been almost a year now since I knew about Sky Ferreira’s presence. The pop world has been aching for someone like her for ages. I was blown away with her first promo track, ‘Happy Dre’ which was stuck in my playlist for ages. Her official debut single, ’17’ has been featured last month on our playlist and one thing’s really for sure. You’ll like her if you want something fresh, young yet not irritating. Miss Ferreira might be still unknown to most of us right now, but heck she’s 17 and she’s doing pretty fine at what she does.

’17’ the debut single of the LA soon to be pop star, is something you’d probably not find on your favourite tween pop star’s catalogues.  In the single, Sky sings about coming of age – probably her personal experience about getting drugs, drinking and probably getting busted. Yes, it’s something a lot of teenagers have gotten into and she becomes pragmatic about singing it. The track might not catch you on first listen but you can try to repeat it and you’ll appreciate the track’s electropop, rock feel that captures a very nice introduction to Miss Sky. And yes, she’s young, fresh, hip and a pop star like Miley – less the irritation.

RELEASED: May 18th, 2010

LABEL: Capitol Records

Purchase the track HERE:
Sky Ferreira - 17 - Single - 17



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2 responses to “Single Review: Sky Ferreira – 17

  1. I love how candid and blunt Sky is in 17. And in reality. Haha. Deffo one to watch!

  2. chrisneary

    LOVE this song!! SO SO SO FRESH

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