NEW SINGLE ALERT: Natasha Bedingfield – Touch (Review)

This was so unexpected I tell you. Miss Bedingfield, the New Zealand born pop star who made famous of the hits ‘Unwritten’, ‘These Days’, ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ is absolutely back with a new sound. Still sporting her unique vocal abilities, Natasha Bedingfield comes back with a brand new single that will surely leave you speechless. It’s kind of surprising as she never announced the release of this track or even working on putting up a new album anytime soon.

‘Touch’ receives a very unexpected treatment from Natasha. It’s definitely not something she have done before as it sports an electronic, dance pop sound that seemed like a club banger. Having said the new sound, Bedingfield never veered away to show her amazing vocals as she spurts every line with soul and believability to what she has to offer. Although she has a new direction on her pop career, it’s still a wonder if this track will hit the masses although it might just be a promotional single for a better, more electronic, more pop feel she’d be introducing in the next few months to come.

RELEASED: May 18, 2010 (iTunes US)

LABEL: Sony Music

Purchase the track HERE:Natasha Bedingfield - Touch - Single - Touch


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