DAILY BEAT: Jessie James – Boys In The Summer

So who else is with me that Jessie James was too good to flop? Oh well, her first material might have gone off the rocks but this girl has the vocal chops to beat our latest chart leaders. Well, this new track, ‘Boys In The Summer’ is her first official single off her new album which is yet to be titled and released. The single will get a proper release this summer.

The track ‘Boys In The Summer’ is your typical summer anthems. It does a bit resemble her debut ‘Wanted’ in terms of arrangement. The verses were a major bore but the refrain absolutely makes up for it. Jessie sings with full enthusiasm and carefree ‘Boys, Boys so much hotter in the summer…’ It’s a decent summer song and captures every bit of qualities what a summer hit would possess but she needs to do promo or else she’d flop again. But please, don’t.




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3 responses to “DAILY BEAT: Jessie James – Boys In The Summer

  1. Jay

    This song rocks and I hope she doesn’t flop with her new album as she did on the #1 (which was really good too). She doesn’t deserve it, this girl CAN sing!

  2. allthesanesofme

    She didn’t EXACTLY flop. Wanted was a Top 40 hit. I Look So Good Without You peaked at #4 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 singles so it isn’t all hopeless for Jessie. I do agree though. Def more promo wouldn’t hurt.

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