Stacey Solomon unleashes her debut single, and it’s a COVER.

UK X-Factor 2009 reject Stacey Solomon performs her debut single, ‘At Last’. It’s a cover of the classic performed by Glenn Miller which was made popular Etta James to Christina Aguilera and Beyonce just recently (2009).

The track will be a Charity single that supports the Royal Air Force and will be sold starting next Monday, May 31st.

Oh, does she look lovely with the uniform and everything? It’s too early to say if her version sucked but judging on this live performance on the UK’s GMTV – it actually sucked. She lacked emotion, but her voice’s still there and is it just me who hates her when she talks? Ugh. She sounds like a dumb, overly excited psycho British bitch the moment she opens her mouth and talk. Forgive me for the harsh statements though, didn’t mean it that much. Oh and can’t we just wait for Olly and Joe’s new singles? That would be ‘awesomer’ than this.

Anyway, check out this live performance of Stacey Solomon with her debut ‘At Last’.


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One response to “Stacey Solomon unleashes her debut single, and it’s a COVER.

  1. Me

    She’s nothing but a big nosed kike bitch

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