Lee Ryan – I Am Who I Am (Single Review + Music Video)

Finally Lee, you’re back! Suddenly out of the blue, former Blue frontman Lee Ryan decides to release a double A-Side comeback single. ‘I Am Who I Am’ pairs with the utterly disappointing electro-flop failure ‘Secret Love’ which will be released July 4th in the UK to officially mark Lee’s return to the British pop music industry. The single will precede the release of his upcoming sophomore album, ‘Confessions’ sometime this year.

I think Lee finally got it right with this one. ‘I Am Who I Am’ is a slightly cheesy, piano-inflicted turned big band  ballad which I think he’s generally good at singing. It perfectly lifted up his image upon releasing ‘Secret Love’, which spawned massive dismay among critics alike. The single showcases Lee’s amazingly controlled vocals flourished with the accompanying gospel-like choir lurking in the background which perfectly suited the track as he sings with much remorse and emotion. ‘I Am Who I Am, and you can’t change me. I’ve done what I can, now stand by the ground… It all falls down.’ Brilliant track, I must say.

And do check out the video, it’s fun to watch Lee being thrown at with a bottle of fresh milk. Really.

RELEASED: July 4th (alongside ‘Secret Love’)

LABEL: Geffen UK



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2 responses to “Lee Ryan – I Am Who I Am (Single Review + Music Video)

  1. Ana Miranda

    Totally a HIT!! I loved this song from the first moment I heard it! And the video makes the song even better, full of meaning!!My day isn’t a real day if I don’t watch this video at least once! Well done Lee boy! Proud! And worth the wait!

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