Elliot Gleave a.k.a. the magnificent English rapper Example is currently on his first headlining tour in his home country. It’s only a couple of weeks until his amazing new single, ‘Kickstarts’ becomes available in the UK digitally. His debut album is currently in the finishing touches and will get a release this summer. Elliot takes a break and gives us the chance to have a bit of a chinwag. See the full interview below:

1. Good day Elliot, how you feeling today?
I’m feeling tired. I’ve just done 20 gigs in a row and all my days off have been spent promoting my single and album. Not complaining though. I love my job

2. So, congratulations on your previous single, ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ reaching the top 10 of the singles charts. How did it feel that you finally got a top 10 single?
Obviously I was pleased but I didn’t celebrate or get carried away. The day we charted I just bought myself a nice steak. I wouldn’t celebrate too much even if I got a no.1 single. I’d probably wait until I got a no.1 album. Too much pressure is put on artists gettin top 10 singles without enough effort put into them delivering a great album. When was the last time you heard a truly great album from an artist with loadsa no.1 singles??

3. The new single, ‘Kickstarts’ sounds pretty awesome. How did you come up of the title and what’s it all about?
Thanks. Its one of my proudest moments as a song writer. It’s about that moment when you think you might not be in love anymore and then you picture life without them and “the love kick starts again”. It does what it says on the tin really

4. How did your tour with Lily Allen and Tinchy Styder go?
The Lily tour was pretty exhausting. Probably because her and her band enjoy a party or two. The crowds on that tour were massive. A unique experience and a goal for me to aim for – touring arenas. The tinchy tour wasn’t as mad but was a lot of fun. Him and his touring party are cool guys. I think we picked up loadsa new fans on both tours.

5. You are on your own UK headline tour, how’s it going so far?
20 gigs done. 14 to go before the single is out. Then 12 festivals to play. It’s gonna be one long hot summer

6. Your new album, ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ is released this summer. How’s it going? Can you describe about what’s in it?
It’s done and dusted. It’s 14 tracks long. It’s say it’s your ideal album for parties, bbq’s and beach listening. It’s a great mixture of quirky storytelling pop and hard dance anthems with production courtesy of the hottest names in the UK

7. What are your expectations on ‘Won’t Go Quietly (album)’ being received by the music buying public?
Well I don’t try and be a leftfield artist even though you can’t really put my music in a box but I undoubtedly to write for a wide audience so I’m hoping it’s well received. I’d like it to travel well around the world and spread through word of mouth

8. Are there any collaboration on the new LP?
Not with any other singers or rappers. I wrote it all. Production comes courtesy of Chase & Status, Calvin Harris, Mj Cole, Sub Focus, Don Diablo, Funkagenda and some new guys called The Fearless and Ishi

9. If ever your album gets massive success (which I certainly believe it will), would you be open touring outside the UK?
Yeh can’t wait to travel the globe

10. Lastly, how would you describe your music as an artist? – and Good luck on your tour and the album. We all can’t wait for it.
It’s totally accessible dance pop that you can’t pigeonhole. Cheers.

His amazing new single, ‘Kickstarts’ drops June 13th. Watch out for our single review of the amazing ‘Kickstarts’ soon. His sophomore LP, ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ will be released late June. Also, grab yourself a free legal MP3 of a new track from his website, ‘All Over Again‘.


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